Fulham DFC are very proud to announce that 7 squad
members from both the men & women’s squads, have been selected to represent
Great Britain in the 2005 Deaflympics, taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

Those squad members are Lydia Docker & Sarah Davies in the Womens
Squad, and for the Mens Squad, Richard Jeffers, Andrew Drury, Richard Parker,
Ben Lampert and Nick Beese. Well done and congratulations!

The participation to the Deaflympics cost £2,469 per athlete, and the UK Deaf Sport has awarded £1,115 per athlete meant a
remaining of £1,354 has to be met by 31st of August 2004. Great Britain Football
are struggling to raise a capital of £29,788 because as we are an existing team
who is playing internationally the Football Foundation is unable to give us a
grant. Also the Football Association cannot support us as ‘Great Britain’ team
as it’s beyond their programme remit and a Football grant does not fall into the
Foundation of Sport and the Art’s criteria.

Lydia Docker, Sarah Davies,
Richard Jeffers, Andrew Drury, Richard Parker, Ben Lampert and Nick Beese are
all working to raise £1,354 pounds each to ensure they are on the plane to
Australia, where they hope to do Fulham DFC and Britain proud by bringing back a
gold medal.

For more information on the Deaflympics 2005, taking place in
Australia, check out the britishdeaffootball website – www.britishdeaffootball.com

If you would like to make a
donation or if you know of any other fund-raising sources that could be of help,
please do not hesitate to contact Nick Beese.