This years Fulham Deaf Football Club AGM (Annual General Meeting) will take place on Tuesday, 8 June, in the FFC Training Ground Cafe, Motspur Park starting at 6.30pm.

The AGM is open to all members, friends, family and supporters of FDFC.

There will be tea and biscuits provided!

Directions :

The current club committee roster has been listed below, at the AGM all will be asked if they wish to continue in their roles in the next season.  Should someone new be nominated, a vote among the members will be taken to decide whether to keep the current holder of the position or elect the new nominee.

If you are thinking about putting yourself forwards, please ensure you ask someone to nominate you if they support your intentions.  Please also ensure you have read the job descriptions page, so you know what the role you are interested in entails.

To read all the job descriptions: Click here

The Club
Chairman – Nick Beese
Vice Chairman – Leo Mansell
Club Treasurer – Jonathan Evans
Chief Fundraiser –
Webmaster – Richard Parker
Events Manager – Bassim Baz
Events Assistant Manager– Clare Davies

Men’s Secretary – Jack Harding
1st Team Manager – Ayad Sarraf
2nd Team Manager – Chris McGinn
Head Coach – Chris McGinn
Kit Manager – Ayad Sarraf
1st Team Players Rep – Ben Lampert
2nd Team Players Rep –
(Filled once squad has been selected)

Ladies Secretary – Susanna Kenward
Ladies Treasurer – Vicky-Paul Martin
Ladies Manager – Ryan Pendley
Ladies Head Coach – Roanna Simmons
Ladies Kit Manager – Susanna Kenward
Ladies Team Players Rep – Eleni Botanki
Ladies Team PR – Eleni Botanki & Lydia Docker