On Sunday 29th January, on hole 14 of the Redbourne Golf
Course, in front of FDFC Chairman Nick Beese, Ayad Sarraf put pen to paper,
agreeing to officially become the Fulham DFC manager. Ayad to date had been
acting as temporary manager, following the abrupt departure of former manager
Christof Niklaus at the end of 2005.

Fulham DFC are privileged to have
someone as experienced and respected in deaf football at the helm. Ayad is not
new to football management; as he ran the old Watford DFC back in the 80 to 90s,
and then went on to manage the successful Luton DFC side of the late 90s and
early 2000's.

Ayad is also one of the most experienced international deaf
footballers in Britain. Ayad was drafted late into the Melbourne 2005 Deaflympic
team only two months prior to the games, and had no trouble in fitting into the
squad. To some, he must have been a surprise choice but he was an excellent

In his first game for the GB Deaflympics squad, he easily
proved his worth with a most impressive performance in the 4-1 win against
Scotland. And this no doubt silenced the critics. Ayad's experience was crucial
– he has represented GB in the early 90's including the 1993 World Deaf Games,
Sofia, Bulgaria. And he also made two appearances for GB in the early years of
the new GB Management team. In all, he has played under three different
managers. His penalty winner against Switzerland at Berne in 2002 ended GB's
lean spell of ten international matches without a win.

Ayad to date has
got of to a good start, instilling confidence and belief into FDFC, and steering
Fulham to 3 wins out of a potential 4, and defeating the British Deaf Champions
with style. Ayad is under no illusions as his main task this season is to steer
FDFC out of the KDL Division One relegation zone. We at Fulham DFC strongly feel
the club is safe in Ayad's hands and that he will continue the good work that
Christof Niklaus put into the club, getting it on its feet from nothing.

Ayad has since recruited a new Assistant Manager, in Leo Mansell. – More
about Leo on another day!