Message from Technical Director – Football

Allow me to introduce myself as I have only recently been appointed the
Football Technical Director for the ICSD. My name is Christof and although I am
a born and bred Englishman, my name comes from Switzerland where my family comes

I am quietly confident that my Swiss background will enable me to act neutral
in fulfilling my duties and responsibilities within the role for the ICSD.

Just so that everyone is clear which competitions I shall be involved in:

World Deaf Futsal Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria: November 2007

World Deaf
Football Championships, Athens, Greece: July 2008

Summer Deaflympics Football
Competition, Taipei, Taiwan: August/September 2009

At this stage, I do not
have much to report as I am still getting my teeth into my new role, reading up
on the recommendations from the previous football competition held at the last
Summer Deaflympics in Melbourne, 2005.

Together with my responsibilities in
co-ordinating the football competitions, I shall seek to introduce a plan aimed
at ensuring a fairer and clearer procedure of qualifying for future
international deaf football competitions in the long term.

Please take
note that the Football Technical Regulations has been revised with minor changes
added. The latest version can be viewed and/or printed at: :

For any general or specific football enquiries in relation to the above
competitions, please email me at

Please feel free to email me any deaf football enquires to:

ask about the above deaf football competitions

clarify about any deaf
football technical or non-technical queries

express your honest opinion and
suggestions for improvements

Although I have new ideas to progress and
develop deaf international football, I really would like to hear from you with
your first hand experiences and suggestions.

Great Britain Women Bronze medallist (Melbourne 2005), Sarah Davies, 19 years
old, was tragically killed in a road accident last month. She was a popular and
talented player respected by her team mates and opponents worldwide. Sarah's
Great Britain number 15 shirt has now been withdrawn from all future matches as
a mark of respect, which is a nice and ultimate gesture by her team mates.
Sarah's obituary can be read at

All of us at ICSD would like to pass on our condolences to Sarah's

I would like to thank UK Deaf Sport for their support towards my enthusiasm
to be the ICSD Football Technical Director. I look forward to the challenges
ahead to co-ordinate the deaf football competitions and also with the assistance
of each deaf sports federations, we can together empower deaf football on a
national and international scale.

Finally, I would like to thank those of you who have expressed your good
wishes at my recent appointment.


Christof Niklaus

ICSD Football Technical Director

Posted: 26 Oct 2006