Fulham DFC reserve player Darryl Malinsky on recognising that he is to
blame for the serious leakage in the reserve team defence of late,
decided to fly to New York in aid of Sense, the deafblind charity to
work on his fitness, by running the New York Marathon.

Darryl ran/walked/limped/crawled home in a time of 5:53:58. Darryl
raised a huge total of £2,400 for Sense. (It's never too late to
donate, go to the sense website – Click here )

Former Fulham player Oliver Westbury who played in the title winning squad
of 2003/04, and quit football to focus on running has
taken to the sport dedicatedly and run in four marathons and many short
races. Oliver came 110th, putting in a very respectable time of 3
hours and 7 minutes shaving 22 minutes off his previous time. While we
congratulate Oliver on his feat, we are disappointed in Oliver's
attire, and suggest he buys some shorts that fit in time for the next
time he runs in public.

Oliver sent a report in on his experience in Lisbon, read below:

Lisbon Marathon – 3rd December 2006

Lisbon marathon was my fourth marathon, the first was in November 2005 – (New York) other ones that I have done are Prague & Warsaw! My previous best personal time was in Warsaw which was 3 hours 29 minutes on the 15th September

The Lisbon Marathon already goes in its 21st edition and continues being a great popular success of participation. It's very interesting to learn things and bit of shock about Lisbon marathon re the organisation style… Saturday, I picked my registered running number 214 and clip timing. Whoa, there was only a small shop sell the running shoes!!! It seemed very different to the previous marathons which had many of shops to and lots of advertising. Also, there was no running map of the route only a map is on the wall that people had to copy and make there own map.. ('I took a photo on my phone ).

Marathon day – 9am, I arrived start area.. I was quite shocked that there was no first aids areas to provided also only 4 toilets with huge queue, also there was no pace groups times e.g 2.45, 3 hours, 3.15 etc in the start line. About 30 of us joined 2nd and 3rd pro girls runner all the way. After 30km, we were in bit disappointed because the Half Marathon runners joined the Full Marathon runners, consequently there were mix of runners on the road which gave us a problem get to through to the finish line. Weather was grey and raining a bit, then it become sunny after 25km. The 2nd and 3rd girls who were in the Pro group started began to slow down at 30km, so we overtook them as we were running faster.

I finished the Lisbon Marathon in 3 hours 7 minutes and I was very pleased as it was my best personal time, faster by 22 minutes plus beat the second/third fastest girl! There didn't seem many pro runner that ran in the Lisbon Marathon this year. Men 1st – Luis Jesus (GDR CONFORLIMPA) finished 2.21 and women – Dorota Ustianowska (Poland) 2.50. Lisbon Marathon. The down side of the marathon is that I found the route is bit very unattractive and not much to look at while you are running!

Hope you enjoyed my article. Many thanks to Dulwich Runner Club who continue to help me improve on my running skills.. Next is Paris! Maybe one before… Now I had a nice spa and treatment afterward that definitely to help to get my legs rested and recovered. Also, many thanks to Warren and Stuart joined me to Lisbon and gave their great supportive!!


Lisbon Marathon Result: I'm on 110place!


Oliver under armed guard

Portuguese fashion police wait to confiscate Oliver's offending shorts.