‘Raising their game’

31st January 2010

Disability Centre of Excellence Tournament

a bitter cold day, the disability youth team at Fulham FC welcomed teams from
Kent and Middlesex. For a series games of 7-a-side playing against Kent and
Middlesex twice throughout the day. Having a total 4 games played.

youth were managed by coaches;  Mark Cole
and Greg Fidele, after recalling their first game against Kent in
December 2009, when losing  3-0.  The Fulham youth went against Kent determined
to win every ball and attack with conviction, a narrow lost in the last few
minutes. Lost 1-0.

their confidence from the first match against Kent into the Middlesex game, the
boys exploited all the spaces left by Middlesex but could not penetrate
resistance Middlesex. Draw 0-0.

knowing a close first match against Kent, the boys felt they could win the
second time round. A thrilling match watched by all spectators that kept the
Fulham FC staff on their toes. Fulham youth could see a victory as they were breaking
down Kent’s defence, when in the last 5 minutes of the match – we got a well deserved goal.  A fantastic performance by Tommy Hobson, the
goalkeeper who made several brilliant saves to keep Kent out of the game. Win

match, with everything to play for, Middlesex is not a team who will back down.
But after a few minutes in the first half, Fulham took the game into their
hands and scored 4 goals before half time. 
A fantastic win for all the boys. Win 4-0.

Coach Roanna Simmons who oversaw the tournament was very pleased how the day
went; ‘This was a massive accomplishment that saw how the training has benefit
the players over half of the season, the coaches we have in the Disability
Centre of Excellence have set the bars high and the players raised to it.’

done to the Fulham Disability Youth players who have worked very hard, but we
still much more work to do to become a team of high calibrate.

special thank you to all the staff that has helped out on the day.