The Fulham Deaf Football Club end of season presentation took place on Tuesday 3rd September at the Earl Beattie Pub.  The trophies were given out by Nick Beese the Chairman, and Vice Chairman Leo Mansell, and our Honorary President Christof Niklaus.  With the Men’s squad winning the British Deaf Cup, and a huge contingent from the Ladies Squad winning Bronze at the Deaflympics it was truly a celebratory affair!

Message from Richard Parker – Women’s Manager

We had our official presentation on Tuesday 3rd September; Congratulations to all those who received an award. Well done to all the players for their hard work. We are looking forward to a new successful season for Fulham Deaf Ladies. To work as a team we need to train together regularly as a team, here’s to a new season, your continuing hard work, training enthusiasm and motivation.

Congratulations to the Men’s team. A successful season was had by all. Wishing you best wishes for this forthcoming season. We are sure you will continue to win more cups and gain promotion. Well done to Ladies and Men.

Fulham DFC Women Winners 2012/13

Golden Boot – Premi Pushpalingham
Player of the Year – Mandy Tobin
Player’s Player of the Year – Eleni Botonaki
Most Improved Player of the Year – Jessica Pert
Club Woman of the Year – Premi Pushpalingham
Goal of the Season – Laura Jarvis

Message from Ayad Sarraf – Men’s Manager

Congratulations to all presentation winners, who deserved their awards on merit. Naturally it was always difficult to make a decision on which player should win each category, such is the strength and quality of the team. FDFC Management would like to send a message to all players – we hope that everyone will work harder to earn awards next year, and more importantly, show the commitment, hard work and enthusiasm that is necessary for success in the new season. I wish all the players the very best of luck for the new season; hopefully FDFC will get a promotion along with several cups this season! The same goes for the Ladies; we hope they achieve more success than they did last season.

Fulham DFC Men Winners 2012/13

Golden Boot – James Paull
Player of the Year – Daniel Hogan
Player’s Player of the Year – Daniel Waller
Most Improved Player of the Year – Daniel Waller
Clubman of the Year – Richard Hounslow
Goal of the Season – Jacob Willis

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