Following on with the blind faith that was employed by CF Real Benevento’s manager Alex Bovino in the previous month, we begin with a fresh start to 2008, and the race for the esteemed Fantasy Premiership Manager in Fulham DFC starts to quicken the pace towards the finishing line in May! With the combination of players coming together for Black&White Army in this particular month, it’s netted Chris Kenward with a commendable tally of 339 points, but hot on Black&White Army’s heels are Beese’s Wonders, snapping at them with 331 points (8 points difference). Also with a honourable mention going towards to Neil Fox of Football coming home with the surge up the table, gaining 6 places from the previous month. So without further ado, Christopher Kenward of Black&White Army is the first Fantasy Manager of the Month in 2008. Well done Chris!

January 2008

# Team Manager Points
1 Black&White Army

Christopher Kenward 339
2 Beese’s Wonders

Nick Beese

3 Football coming home Neil Fox 313
4 Moore Babes Bryan Moore 299
5 Evil Minions James Loveridge 297
6 Follow the trawler Christof Niklaus 284
7 Cybe Ayad Sarraf 274
8 Gunners

Andrew Vorster

9 Knighton’s Warriors Ben Knighton 240
10 CF Real Benevento Alex Bovino 238
11 Stubbszie’s Allstars Ben Stubbs 237
12 Koppertopper Wayne Jemmott 210
13 Pharaoh Baz’s XI Bassim Baz 183
14 Crazy Gang Ivan Stone 183

As part of the bumper update, we also bring you the February’s Manager of the Month.

With the previous month being won by Christopher Kenward of Black&White Army (an esteemed veteran at such a young age winning two months to date), this month’s winner is a first-time winner of this league since it’s formation in the Earl Beatty pub, Motspur Park. This month had the roundup of international fixtures and FA Cup matches being played, so there have not been a lot of Premiership matches played. It is to his testament of seeing far ahead and adjusting his team to reflect correctly on, we bring you Ben Knighton of Knighton’s Warriors who have won this month with a creditable 177 points, 7 points ahead of 2nd placed Black&White Army!

February 2008

# Team Manager Points
1 Knighton’s Warriors

Ben Knighton 177
2 Black&White Army Christopher Kenward 170
3 Gunners Andrew Vorster 168
4 Cybe Ayad Sarraf 165
5 Beese’s Wonders Nick Beese 165
6 CF Real Benevento Alex Bovino 162
7 Moore Babes Bryan Moore 161
8 Evil Minions James Loveridge 158
9 Football coming home Neil Fox 158
10 Follow the Trawler Christof Niklaus 149
11 Stubbzie’s Allstars Ben Stubbs 135
12 Pharaoh Baz’s XI Bassim Baz 124
13 Crazy Gang Ivan Stone 113
14 Koppertopper Wayne Jemmott 111