As Taipei 2009 creeps closer, for the Great Britain Deaf Football organisation, the fund-raising efforts are fully in swing, and with no exception, Fulham DFC and Great Britain’s physiotherapist is doing her own bit! Here’s what Lorraine had to say for herself.

I’m running a 10k race in November in order to raise money for the 2009 Deaflymics, where I’m going as physio with the GB Mens deaf football team.  I’ve set up a Justgiving account if anyone would like to sponsor me.


Great Britain won the world title at the 2005 Deaflymics in Melbourne and so are defending champions for 2009 – without kind support and donations, however, the players and officials will end up funding this trip themselves as we get no financial support from the Government or the FA and rely solely on charitable contributions.


Thanks for your time


If you would like to donate to Lorraine’s fundraising and utlimately, the Great Britain Deaf Football, then head over to Lorraine’s JustGiving page and donate!

To find out more information about Lorraine’s efforts, you can join her Facebook group which Lorraine herself updates, along with others from Great Britain and the Fulham Deaf Ladies.