Congratulations to the Casuals for winning the Teck Cup on Good Friday 2005 – but just what do you think the FDFC Guv is trying to say behind Phil 'The Crab' Malcolm or their midfielder Steve 'The Pyscho' Cates?

Winning entry from a Mr. Ian Reynolds of East London who wins a FHM Abi Titmus life-size poster:

– “Never in the field of football conflict was so much owed by so many (Casuals) to so few”
(FDFC Guv just needs to have a big fat cigar to complete the caption).

And the best of the rest:

– Looking at the ancient Casuals sub I think the FDFC Guv was signing that he was “two old” – Anonymous,

– “We will do the double over you next season!” – Foxy

– “Two more pints for me please, this is a s**t match to watch” – Anonymous,

– “Never hold discussions with the crab when the organ grinder is in the stands” – Ian Reynolds

– “Nice try sticking a pair of alien antennas upon Phil's head, FDFC Guv but you're a little out of sync” – Ben Knighton