Fulham DFC 2-3 Sutton High FC (on 04/04/2015 – Report by Jason Mycroft)


A controversial goal was disallowed preventing Fulham DFC gaining any points in the first of the double header against Sutton High. Sam Evans struck the ball from the left flank beating the goalkeeper to put the ball into the back of the net. However due to confusion when the ball was found on the other side of the back netting the referee adjudged the ball to have gone through the side netting rather than the goal itself.

The goal, should it have been given would have given Fulham an equalising goal after they found themselves 2-1 down at the time. Jacob Willis had opened the scoring with a header after a well-placed cross from Tom Collard on the right wing. While this was enough to give Fulham the lead going into half time, the narrow dimensions of the pitch meant free kicks and throw ins found themselves in the goalkeeper’s area very often.

Space was a premium in this match and Fulham will be disappointed that they could not extend their lead with Bovino coming close on a few occasions and several free kicks chances being squandered. Sutton High were then fortunate to find themselves 2-1 up following this and would then be relieved with their luck when Evans’ goal was disallowed.

After a lengthy pause following the controversy it was Sutton High who got back into the game quicker and increased their lead to make it 3-1. Sam Evans would find himself in a familiar position to his disallowed goal earlier and would make no mistake when he struck the ball along the face of the goal to place it into the bottom right corner.

While there was no argument over the legitimacy of that goal it was not enough to give Fulham the points they were looking for in this fixture.