Fulham DFC 7-0 Derby DFC (on 28/03/2015 – Report by Jason Mycroft)

OG x2
L.Farrell x2 (1 pen)

Fulham DFC demolished Derby 7-0 to set up a showdown against Bristol in the semi-finals of the BDF Plate. In a rematch of an earlier game this season, Fulham conducted themselves with total domination and hardly gave Derby a chance in the game.

While Fulham may have started off slower than they would have liked, chances still came with Swift forcing a save from the keeper and Kenward coming close with a shot just over the bar. Willis came the closest with a header that went just left of the goal following a sublime cross from a freekick.

The deadlock was eventually broken not by a Fulham player but by an own goal when Swift played a long ball from deep and pressure from Willis forced the defender to misdirect the header into his own net.

Confidence and momentum was up following the own goal with Fulham becoming more adventurous with their attack, Kamps outrageously intercepting a goalkeeper throw and dribbling past three defenders being one of the examples.

However it was Tom Collard who would have his moment when following a simple layoff from Swift, Collard would strike a first time shot from just outside the penalty area beating the keeper in arguably the best goal of the match.

A second own goal followed soon after when Mycroft, first to ball after Willis’s shot was saved, found his cutback defected by a defender and a second defender messing up the clearance to slice the ball into the goal.

The second half started off with the same intensity that Fulham had ended the first half with and Fulham found themselves 4-0 up when Farrell flicked on a cross from Willis on the right flank, Mycroft controlling the ball and driving the ball home.

Frustrations built up on the Derby team with one player very lucky to stay on the pitch following a reckless tackle to Arnold. Willis bore the brunt of Derby’s aggression and was rewarded with a penalty which Farrell converted by the goalkeeper the wrong way to score his first of the match.

Jack Harding making his long awaited return had an excellent opportunity to claim a goal however he unselfishly played the ball to Willis whose shot was blocked by a defender.

Willis would not be denied later on when Kenward set him up later on and with assistance from a defensive error, Willis found himself playing an outrageous lob to beat the keeper and increase the lead to 6.

Fulham’s goalscoring was still not done when Willis yet again involved in the build-up blocked the goalkeeper from claiming a cross which allowed Harding to set up Farrell to get his second goal of the day completing the demolition of Derby.