Fulham DFC 3-0 Györ H.S.K.  (on 25/04/2015 – Report by Jason Mycroft)


Fulham signed off from Deaf Champions League 2015 with their second 3-0 victory in a row, but were made to wait 82 minutes before scoring the first goal.

Before the match Fulham had completed an astounding 63 shots on target throughout the competition. But the percentage of goals to shots won’t have been helped after the first half, where Fulham could not get into the groove and were visibly frustrated by the lack of goals.

A stubborn Györ H.S.K side were content to sit back and defend wave after wave of attacks. Their luck almost took an early end when following a one two from Jacob Willis and Jason Mycroft, Willis was fouled in the penalty area. Tom Collard took the resulting penalty and placed it to his right. However the Hungarian goalkeeper shuffled over to anticipate the direction and saved it, seemingly untroubled from the spot kick.

Their luck would take a hit when they found themselves with 10 men after a reckless challenge. Despite the extra man, Fulham could not use their numerical advantage to break through the deep 4-4-1 of Györ H.S.K.

After a fiery half time talk, the second half improved as Fulham continued to pile on the pressure against a desperate side. Ross Ward had the best chance to open the scoring but gloriously fired the ball over the bar from 6 yards. Even after switching to a 3-5-2 formation and using all three substitutes, Fulham just could not get the ball into the net.

That was until Daniel Hogan stepped up for a free kick, after a defender had handled the ball outside the area, and curled in a free kick. Fulham breathed a collective sigh of relief as took the lead. With Györ H.S.K employing direct and long ball tactics to try and get a cheeky equaliser, Joseph Wylde played a low cross on the right wing, which Jason Mycroft ran onto for a tap in, despite the shot being incredibly weak.

With two minutes left on the clock and on their way to victory, following a defensive corner, Ben Lampert played a long ball to Mycroft, who ran from his own half past the sole defender and unselfishly played it to Willis, setting Willis up for his 6th goal of the tournament and quite possibly his easiest.

Finishing in 5th place, Fulham may be missing out on the 2016 tournament in Denmark, but will look to go the whole way in two years’ time with a very gifted squad.