FDFC Men 1st Team

Player of the Year: Shyloh Morally

Players Player of the Year: Ben Lampert

Golden Boot: Shyloh Morally

Most Improved Player: Alex Bovino

Clubman of the Year: Abdul Kadir

FDFC Men Reserves

Player of the Year : Darryl Malinsky

Players Player of the Year : Daniel Rumney

Golden Boot: Wayne Jemmott

Most Improved Player: James Loveridge

Clubman of the Year: Kane Joyce

FDFC Women

Player of the Year : Susannah Kenward

Players Player of the Year : Esther Maycock

Golden Boot: Camilla Willis

Most Improved Player: Victoria Wenman

Club Woman of the Year: Victoria Paull–Martin

Fulham DFC Youth

Trophy Winners :

Dean Lewin

Jacob Willis

Tom Hobson

Sam Kemp

Bartek Ostrowski

James March

Rolf Choutan

Thomas Paull

James Paull

George Colland


Geoge Fry

Joe Waller

Player of the Year : Sam Kemp

Golden Boot : Jacob Willis

Most Improved Player : Rolf Choutan

Many thanks to everyone who came to the presentation, and thanks to FFC for organising the venue and providing food and drink, and for being generous with the donations of raffle prizes, to help raise funds to cover the event.

Lastly a big special thanks to Rebekah and Dominique who donated their Sunday afternoon to interpret for the AGM and Presentation.

Women : Most Improved Player : Victoria Wenman

Women : Golden Boot : Camilla Willis

Women : Players Player of the Year : Esther Maycock

Men : Clubman of the Year : Abdul Kadir

Men : Most Improved Player : Alex Bovino

Men : Golden Boot : Shyloh Morally

Men : Players Player of the Year : Ben Lampert

Men : Player of the Year : Shyloh Morally

Manager Ayad Sarraf

Reserves Manager Ivan Stone

Reserves : Clubman of the Year : Kane Joyce

Reserves : Most Improved Player : James Loveridge

Reserves : Golden Boot : Wayne Jemmott

Reserves : Players Player of the Year : Daniel Rumney

Men Reserves Player of the Year : Darryl Malinsky

Youth : Golden Boot : Jacob Willis

Youth Coach Tony O'Donnell

FDFC Youth Squad Trophy : Tom Hobson

Guest of Honour Billy the Badger makes a surprise entrance!

Ladies Secretary Lydia Docker speaks while Manager Esther Maycock looks on

FDFC Youth + Billy the Badger

Billy the Badger poses with Dominique and Rebekah, FDFC BSL Interpreters for the day!