FDFC’s Valentine Project has always been a success and we want to continue this! We want to see you all having fun with grins on your faces and enjoying the party with lots of laughs.  We will present our main game called “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction” at The Railway Tavern in Liverpool Street. The party will start at 7pm and finish at 12am.  We have mini games in mind for singles and couples before the main game starts…watch this space!

If you want to know more information about ‘Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction’ here is the description of how the game is played.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.
This game needs a single woman or man who a week before the party will let us know ten facts about them, most of them are true but three or four facts will be lies. At the party this person will pick (with the help of the rest of the audience) about four people to come on the stage and listen to the facts. After each fact, these four people have to vote if it was a truth or lie – if they are correct they will get a point. After all the facts, the person with the highest score wins her or him (the person who was telling the facts) and the two will get a prize. We will repeat this with several contestants.

If you want to be part of this game, then please contact Sam or Premi by Monday 17th February.

Ticket Fees: £5.95 per ticket (95p for online service fee).

Here is the link for you to order the ticket:
The online password is FDFC14 to enter the page to buy the ticket.

The Railway Tavern can hold up to 130 people. Buy the ticket now to save disappointment before it is too late! We are looking forward to see you all there!
Sam and Premi
FDFC’s Social Committee