FDFC Guv's End of Season Review – 2004/05

What a difference a year can become! This time last season, we were basking in glory with an unique treble of gaining promotion, becoming British Deaf Champions and winning the League Cup.

This season – we won nothing.

Not for the lack of trying, I hasten to add.

Let go back to last September. We started with four below-par defeats with a win in between before reaching the middle of November with four straight wins. This lifted us off the bottom of the table, into sixth position.

We were disappointed to have gone out of the London FA Cup and the Teck Senior Cup without making a real fight of it. We limped into Christmas with two more draws and two more defeats. Not wanting to make excuses but we did lose four matches on four GB Deaf training weekends where we missed key players representing GB Deaf for the Deaflympics.

In the New Year, after the Deaflympics, we resumed the season bang to form with four straight wins, scoring fifteen goals before losing to our main rivals Westminster Casuals after leading 2 – 1 at half-time.

At that point, I felt was the turning point of our season. We sort of lost focus along the way somewhere because despite quite an impressive record of 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats in the league, we lacked that killer instinct to finish off a match after going ahead. This reflected too in our cup matches against Belfast Deaf and Hook Venturers when we went ahead only to either scrape through or get knocked out in extra time.

You cannot argue with the statistics:

4 wins
8 wins
2 draws
1 draw
6 defeats
4 defeats

It is somewhat impressive that we managed to finish third in the first division in our first season after gaining promotion despite a bad start and losing key players for crucial matches.

However… ten defeats in a season – it was pushing our luck too far. Another downfall of our season was that we could not maintain a consistent clean sheet, with only two achieved in twenty-six matches.

To sum up the misery of our whole season we froze and didn't perform in the British Deaf Cup Final.

Despite our obvious disappointment, I have to maintain I got a lot more out of this season – much more than last time around. I am sure many of the lads did too although I suspect not all of them will realise straight away. They have the kindness of youth and time on their side and will benefit from this experience of this difficult and soul-searching season.

Regardless of whether one is older than another, profoundly deaf or partially deaf – all being equal to the challenge – everyone will be up for it next season.

Best of all… The lads know that they are the heart of the club.

Next season – <Terminator accent> – we'll be back!

Sunday 15th May 2005

The best team won on the day is what I am saying with a lump in my throat. After watching the first fifteen minutes, hand on heart, even as club manager I could not recognise my players from the sidelines. We was just not there on the pitch, fighting for every 50-50 balls, creating chances or producing what we are best at – teamwork.

What is really sad is that I don't think we played at all. We knew the rules – it's about winning on the day. It's about rising to the occassion in big matches. It's about playing when the chips are down. The simple fact are that St John's DFC are the British Deaf Champions – we are not. I am very disappointed.

It was a shame that the dive in the box that resulted in a penalty had an effect on the final but then again there will be many out there who will say “what goes around comes around…” after we got through in our quarter final against Belfast Deaf after a controversial penalty was awarded to us. Overall credit must go to St John's who on the day came out with the hunger, passion and desire to win the cup. Daniel Ailey was impressive, not only up front but also coming back to support the midfield. Darren Dunne, for me was the outstanding man of the match in closing down our threats into their half and tidied up any loose balls. Oliver Monksfield was a thorn in their midfield and Memnos Costi produced one of his better days for St John's.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Christou of St John's for his friendship in working together to get the final sorted out which was not organised in a professional manner. Thank you Paul. I just hope my team Man Utd will beat Paul's team Arsenal in the FA Cup Final this Saturday so that I can claim a pint from him but having said that I'd swap it for a win yesterday.

AGM this Saturday, do come down (details below on homepage). I'll now go and give my head a good long break about what went wrong yesterday. I'll even try to stop thinking about how we can improve for next season. For the next hour anyway…!

Sunday 8th May 2005

Many thanks to Westside yesterday for their time and effort towards our friendly match in the build up to the British Deaf Cup Final. It was a good run out for the lads and our preparations are progressing nicely for next Saturday Final.

Westside won the match 2 – 0 and our two goals were unfortunately disallowed for offside. I had my first run out for ages in the last fifteen minutes up front. I didn't score as I was not fed the ball enough – wink!

Last training session on Wednesday and then it is off to Letchworth on Saturday. I cannot wait for Saturday.

Friday 6th May 2005

Another change for the British Deaf Cup Final – kick off has been moved to 2.30pm! Hopefully this is the last change or we'll be changing the two finalists!

Watched our rivals, the Casuals, win the Surrey Junior Cup in fine style against Old Ruts who put up some resistance but could only delay the inevitable. The Casuals's record now looks like this Played 29, won 28, drawn 0, lost 1 with two matches to go. We can only applaud their success and we'll have to work harder next season to come somewhere close. I am pleased to inform our fulhamdfc.com regulars that we will be entering the Surrey Junior Cup next season so we'll be able to challenge the Casuals on three fronts despite not getting promoted this season.

I will announce who will be in the squad for the British Deaf Cup Final at training next Wednesday. This will be made public on fulhamdfc.com on Thursday morning. Have a nice weekend you all.

Wednesday 4th May 2005

Good news, bad news? I'll leave that up to you. The British Deaf Cup Final has been put forward to Saturday 14th May. With only eleven days notice, it hardly give us (or St John's Deaf) the best amount of time to prepare for it. While refraining myself from unleashing a scathing attack on the British Deaf Football committee, I must point out that this is not a fair value on our membership and entry fee. Things has to improve for next season onwards with the location of the semi finals and final sorted by the quarter finals in order to give the clubs involved maximum time for preparation.

Training tonight and I cannot wait for it! Competition for a place in the starting final eleven is very high and intense. However, having said that, the mood inside the camp is very positive and energetic. Everyone is relishing the opportunity to retain our status as British Deaf Champions as we're not prepared to let it go so soon after winning it in our first season.

The 14th May friendly against Westminster Casuals has been postponed until pre-season, sometimes in August. It gives Phil 'The Crab' Malcolm a chance to shape up after his shameful goalless display last Saturday despite playing as a “striker” for 90 minutes and winning a club record 14 – 0!

As for Liverpool last night? Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky! No further comment!!

Monday 18th April 2005

Our congratulations to Westminster Casuals for being crowned champions last Saturday and also to Molesey Villa for gaining promotion. Without Villa's draw against Repton, we would not have secured third spot.

What a season in the league it has been for us. No doubt a difficult season for us what with a couple of internal incidents and the GB Deaf call ups. I double checked our form throughout this season in all competitions and our form goes like this:

Pre-Deaflympics: won 4, drawn 2, lost 6
Post-Deaflympics: won 8, drawn 1, lost 3

Quite a clear indication there that without several key players our form suffered. There will always be a 'what if' connected to this season for me. Don't get me wrong as I am not pointing the finger at anyone – far from it – if I have to point the finger at anyone, it would be ourselves. We shot ourselves in the foot far too often this season and we'll come back stronger next season with acquired experience and knowledge..

On another point, we should have learnt how to cope without the GB Deaf internationals as we are a squad and are more than capable of grinding out results without them.

I have to say I was very impressed with Hook Venturers who came back against us not only once but three times this season. Twice in the league we were 3 – 1 up only for them to grind out both matches to secure a 3 – 3 draw. In the League Cup, we were ahead twice only for them to pull a goal back twice and win the match in extra time. I'd like to wish them the best of luck in securing a place in the League Cup final when they play Chessington KC the British Christians Champions this Saturday.

However having said all of the above…

I am very proud of my lads for coming third in the League despite the difficulties we all experienced this season. I know all the lads are disappointed at not following our rivals Casuals into the Prem division but it is a fantastic achievement to come third in a senior division the first time after promotion and ahead of several quality sides.

A break this weekend will do the lads good and I am especially looking forward to the “surprise” we have in store for Mr. Gill's 21st party this Saturday! Mark, you have been warned!

Sunday 10th April 2005

Yesterday defeat was difficult to witness from the touchline personally as we did not play to our strength and Hook Venturers to their credit never gave up after going behind twice. We went ahead through Beese and Morally which I thought were well taken goals, one from a corner and another from open play. The second goal that we scored was probably one of the best we created all season, with a string of passes from deep inside our half which found Morally who tucked it away into the net.

Not wanting to sound disrespectful to Hook Venturers, I felt they capitalised on our defensive mistakes and quite rightly so. I'm disappointed about the number of clean sheets we have achieved all season – two in twenty-four games and this is one aspect of our game we will work to improve on for next season.

Now we have only two matches left this season. Yes, only two and how cruel after our wondrous last season where we played in forty matches including four semi finals and three finals. I have sometimes thought if we were victims of our own success from last season but I now don't think so as the downfalls we have experienced this season are those we have brought upon ourselves. It is not like we were outplayed or out of our depth.

I plan to use next week final league match against Hook Venturers (again!) to secure our third position in the table and to prepare for the British Deaf Cup final which will be in May. I'll end my diary entry on a positive note today. I was delighted at the number of deaf ladies that turned up to form the first deaf ladies 11-a-side football club who will enter the new Surrey Women's League next season.

Thursday 7th April 2005

Another excellent training session last night and Fulham Deaf was congratulated at the League meeting last night for reaching the British Deaf Cup final which was nice to acknowledge. Saturday's League Senior Cup quarter final against Hook Venturers has been confirmed with a 2.00pm kick off. Do come and cheer us on at Motspur Park.

After several fitness tests during training, I was very impressed at how fit the lads were at this stage of the season with no reports of injuries.

The Surrey Junior Cup final between our rivals Westminster Casuals against Clarkson Hyde which will be held at Molesey FC on 5th May has had their kick off confirmed at 7.30pm. Please do jot it down in your diary to come and cheer them on.

Roll on Saturday.

Tuesday 5th April 2005

After an excellent training session last week, we travelled to Leeds for the British Deaf Cup semi final. Despite three flat tyres over the weekend, I was delighted with our performance throughout most of the match to secure a place in the final with goals from Harewood, Morally and Lampert. We continued to create numerous chances which for me was the most pleasing aspect of the match.

What was also important was that we kept our patience after being frustrated in the first half hour where we could easily have gone five goals ahead if it was not for Manchester Deaf's goalkeeper who made some solid saves. After the breakthrough on the half hour, we were comfortably 3 – 0 up at half time and turned on the screw in the second half while resting some key players for next week. In the end we ran out a comfortable 7 – 2 victory.

The final will be against our London rivals St. Johns DFC who recorded a fine 6 – 1 win against Leeds DFC. The date will be on May 21st with a venue yet to be confirmed.

However at the end of the day, we have not won anything yet and so cannot count anything for granted. Meanwhile we are back in the cup business with the League Senior Cup quarter final against Hook Venturers whom we drew 3 – 3 earlier in the season in the league this coming Saturday. The best news is I have a full fit squad out of 20 to choose from.

I'd like to pass on my congratulations to Westminster Casuals for reaching the Surrey Junior Cup final with a fine 2 – 1 win against Clarkson Hyde with an 89th minute winner from Ian 'The Hitman' Hardy. The big final will be held at Molesey FC on 5th May with an evening kick off time to be announced. Do come and cheer them on as they'll return the favour in our British Deaf Cup final.

One final note, do watch out for a sensational kangaroo court trial happening after the end of the season involving one certain Sam Holder! All will be revealed in good time!

Sunday 27th March 2005

Happy Easter to fellow fulhamdfc.com regulars. Yesterday preparations for the match was something not worth remembering but our first half performance was memorable. For the game against Hersham RBL , there were no need to motivate the lads for this especially as word got back to us that they “didn't think much of us” after they trounced us on the first game of the season in our backyard while we were missing key players due to international call ups.

I was not only pleased with how we took our goals, but also at how we created chances after chances and we could have scored a lot more but our last touches let us down. It could have been a whole different ending after they slammed against the crossbar at 0 – 0 but my boys came good in the end.

Now that the British Deaf Cup semi final is up next Saturday. With an improved record this season in 2005 where we have notched up seven wins out of nine games, I am more determined than ever to finish the season on a high by retaining the British Deaf Cup back into our trophy cabinet at Motspur Park for next season after our disappointment of not having gained promotion this season.

Despite the England v Azerbaijan scheduled for Wednesday night, all the lads are fully committed to train hard instead in preparation for the British Deaf Cup semi final against Manchester Deaf. See you all at Motspur Park 7.15pm as usual lads.

Sunday 20th March 2005

After watching us lose to Molesey Villa in the second half, a stark brutal truth echoed to me from the pitch during the match. We were simply not ready for the Premier division that we had hoped to get promoted into for next season. After the first few minutes of feeling as a failure for not guiding the lads to the Premier division, I quickly got rid of those negative feelings and looked at the bigger picture.

A big combination of factors led to us not gaining promotion this season but I am proud to have watched my lads work so hard to be where they are now: 4th in Division one, in the quarter finals of the League Senior Cup and the semi finals of the British Deaf Cup. We'll go flat out for the two cups and aim to finish as high up the table as we can with our two remaining League matches.

I'd like to pass on our congratulations to Molesey Villa for getting promoted. They did the double against us in the league and only lost twice in the league all season which goes to show it was all earned and well deserved.

After the match, while watching the rare sight of Wales winning the Grand Slam (be another 27 years before they do it again!), an impromptu post mortum was carried out over a few pints by several players and myself. A few honest truth emerged, some were harsh and yet it was good that they came out with their views. I have promised to take them on board, make some considerations and will aim to implement some positive changes upon consultation with the squad for next season.

A reminder that the Teck Senior Cup final between Westminster Casuals and Albert Royals is coming up on Friday – Good Friday – at Molesey FC, kick off at 11.00am. A few of us will be there to watch in what should be a good game.

While all might be lost to Fulham Deaf in terms of promotion for this season, all is not lost for Doncaster College Deaf who are not only well placed for promotion but also as possible champions. They play in the Doncaster & District Senior Football League – Division one – and have won their last two matches 12 – 1 and 17 – 0 (ok they were against the bottom team [!!] – the second match they were “only” 3 – 0 up at half time!). I really wish them all the very best in finishing the season in style and to put down to the Victorian-style thinking that deaf people cannot play football or that Fulham Deaf were the only deaf team that gained promotion.

I honestly believe that with the emergence of good quality deaf teams such as Doncaster College Deaf, St Johns Deaf, Glasgow St Vincent's Deaf, Charlton Athletic Deaf and ourselves, deaf football really are getting onto the football map. It is not only limited to deaf football teams but also to some outstanding deaf players such as Lee Farrell, the star of the Deaflympics Gold Medalists who has been snapped up by Lewes FC who are third in the Conference South. Farrell scored a brace, including one with his first touch on his debut.

Who say deaf football is not on the up, eh? Back to business on Saturday – season is not over until it is over!

Friday 18th March 2005

After a hard week work wise, I am now looking forward to tomorrow's match that will to be brutal either grant a “stay of execution” or effectively end our promotion hopes in the league. Either way our season won't be over. We'll continue and strive to finish as high up the league as we can. I do feel it is a great achievement to be third in the first division after getting promoted last season and suffering from international call-ups.

With the weather getting milder and the nights getting shorter, I am getting a little reflective about this season but we'll concentrate on the job at hand what with still being in two cups and keeping alive our slim hopes of promotion.

I am delighted to bring forward news of the first Ladies Deaf FC that will be formed on 9th April 2005. It has been a long time coming with the ladies getting frustrated being limited to 5-a-side competitions. With the growth of ladies football and also after the recent GB Deaf Ladies bronze success at the Deaflympics, it is the right time to act as the front-runners in England or GB to form a club level Ladies Deaf Football Club at Fulham.

I strongly encourage any interested deaf ladies to come along on the 9th April (information on front page) and if you have any questions, it'll be your opportunity to ask them on the night. It is very important to show the commitment and keenness from the start so do come along.

As for me becoming manager of the Fulham Deaf Ladies – forget it – I have enough trouble with my lads! Despite the up and downs that comes with the job, I would not swap my squad for anyone or anything else.

Monday 14th March 2005

A good solid win against AC Malden even though it took an own goal to get us started after half an hour. The lads found it hard to settle into the game and simple mistakes were all often too frequent but at the end of the day a win is a win and three points are three points. Morally deserved his man of the match award with a clinical performance but Ajadi came very close behind after coming on as half time sub, controlling the midfield and adding some nice touches stringing together some excellent attacking plays.

The league season now boils down to this Saturday as we put ourselves into this position of having to depend on other results but as things stand, if Molesey Villa beat us this Saturday they will get promoted alongside Westminster Casuals. Molesey Villa beat us in the league 4 – 1 and then we returned the favour with a fine 5 – 1 win in the League Senior Cup so who knows what fate has in store for either of us this Saturday. A real six-pointer match which I am looking forward to as it is these kind of bum-squeak matches that really matters.

Congratulations to Albert Royals who reached the Teck Senior Cup final. The Royals knocked us out in the earlier rounds and the Teck Senior Cup final between Westminster Casuals and Albert Royals will be held at Molesey FC (not Molesey Villa so don't get confused) on Good Friday, kick off at 11.00am. Should be a good final which I'll be coming to watch.

Friday 11th March 2005

Tomorrow we'll be back in action against AC Malden away in the league and the lads are itching to get back into action after our last two matches were postponed due to weather. I was delighted with the turn out at training and even more so with no injuries throughout the squad apart from the two long-term absences.

At the League meeting on Wednesday, I learnt that Westminster Casuals from our division and Kingston Albion, Maori Park, Chessington KC from the Premier division are in the semi finals of the Surrey Junior Cup. Chessington KC are also in the semi finals of the National Christian Cup while we ourselves are in the semi finals of the British Deaf Cup. All this shows that our League is one filled with some quality sides. We can be proud to be a member of the Kingston & District Football League and we must and will continue to strive to push for promotion with all our might until one of two things happens; either we get promoted or it becomes mathematically impossible for us to get promoted.

Please don't let it snow three feet tomorrow!

Sunday 6th March 2005

To my surprise, when I landed at Budapest, there was a welcome party with the Mayor of Budapest on the tarmac. In my utter disbelief, Michelle and I were ushered into a limo with blackened windows and we travelled to the city centre where there was a huge crowd waving Fulham FC flags!

The people of Budapest are avid followers of fulhamdfc.com and wanted to honour my visit to Budapest by naming a street after me. I did not have the heart to tell them they got the spelling of my name wrong!

After the ceremony, I opened my eyes and realised it was all a dream!

After two postponed matches in a row, I am hoping we'll be back in action against AC Malden this Saturday. I sense the lads are up for it after being left frustrated at the lack of playing opportunities in recent weeks. With the season now in its final quarter, there is everything to play for and we'll aim to finish the season on a high whatever happens.

Training on Wednesday at 7.15pm as usual lads!

Sunday 27th February 2005

AFC Ham forfeited their match against us last weekend and so we were awarded three points and moved up to fourth in the table. An unfortunate turn of events but Danny Buckland of AFC Ham wished us the best of luck for the reminder of the season which was a nice gesture.

So the League quickly arranged for us to play against Hersham RBL but by some strange twist of fate we simply were not going to be able to don our kit and play football this weekend as the match was called off due to the weather! Still it give us the opportunity to rest our weary limbs and recover from some minor injuries.

Tomorrow I'm off to Budapest with the missus in what will be the last holiday for a while after Edinburgh, Prague and Cork in the past ten weeks! I blame the 'too-good-to-miss' special offers from Easyjet but I did have to use my holidays up by the beginning of April anyway!

Back on Friday and then it is away to Hook Venturers in the League on Saturday. They held us to a three all draw at home back in November in the League so we'll have to be at our best if we are to gain three points from them. Roll on Saturday where I'll be sporting my new winter hat from Budapest!

Thursday 24th February 2005

Just a quick update tonight! Last Saturday match referee Brian Clark said after the match that it was the best game of Saturday football he had officiated on this season which is a tribute to both sides. As I said previously, my lads can hold their heads up high from their performance.

Alas unfortunately someone had to let off a couple of stink bombs in our changing room after the match.

The good news is we know it was who it was after some good quality investigation work that Sherlock would have been proud of…! Yes, we know it was you – Sam Holder – and so you have been earmarked for a special surprise. You have been warned Sam!

Sunday 20th February 2005

It was with a heavy heart, I woke up this morning after realising that our 4 – 2 defeat against the Casuals was not a dream. After a while, I changed my attitude and was immensely proud of my lads for their attitude and spirit shown yesterday.

It was the first time the Casuals had ever been on the losing side at half time this season. I could see it in their eyes they knew that they were fortunate to leave Motspur Park with a somewhat flattering score-line after grabbing two late goals to seal their 20th win on the trot.

Without wanting to sound ungrateful or anything like that, I felt we deserved a lot more than we got out of the match. The first half we really raised our game and took the Casuals to their game, matched them position-by-position, strength-by-strength and went ahead on merit with two well-taken goals by Morally.

The second half, the Casuals to their credit came back strongly and we were pinned too deep inside our own half. Something had to give at how we defended so deep inside our half and it came with a deft lob by Hardy to equalise the match. We had chances to go ahead again or equalise when we went 2 – 3 down.

Too many ifs and buts arose from the second half. All credit to the Casuals at how they responded in the second half. We will now concentrate on finishing the season as high up the table as we can.

The Casuals have recruited some good quality players over the years notably the new faces this season. I'd like to acknowledge Phil 'The Crab' Malcolm for not only putting together a quality squad but also for creating an excellent team, being able to change tactics to change the course of the game to secure the result they wanted as they did yesterday in the second half.

Remember, we are a deaf team with limited choices of where we can get deaf footballers from in London. The Casuals, no offence to them, are a mainstream team with a much wider berth to get their footballers from. That is why I am proud at how we took the Casuals on especially in the first half and they left knowing they had been in a game for sure.

My dream would be to reach the League Cup final and have another crack at the Casuals in the final. First of all, we'll have to overcome Hook Venturers and then a Premier team on the way.

My boys will relish the challenge if only just to get another crack against the Casuals. Something tells me this is not all over as they say!

Thursday 17th February 2005

Many thanks for all those congratulations via text messages and e-mails since we got back from Ireland. Yes, it is indeed true that I can be an 'old romantic' at heart after proposing to Michelle with some well chosen words written in the sand and getting down to my knee in the traditional way. And all this on Valentine's Day!

Thank goodness the wet sand on my trousers was worth the effort as she said yes!

Before you ask! No ring yet! No date fixed yet! No location decided! Besides we would not dream of stealing the limelight from Charles and Camilla! Unknown to Michelle I am waiting for Argos to come up with a £19.99 replica Camilla ring!

Have I even thought about booking the church, the wedding photographer, the frightening astronomical costs of the wedding or anything like that! No, no, no! (well perhaps a few ideas for my stag night where the Casuals' regular strippers could come in handy!)

“Why the delay then?”, I visualise you asking…?

Because we got a titanic clash against the Casuals this Saturday and I simply have to divert and gather all my thoughts to deliberate, concentrate, mull, and dwell on this thought-provoking king-size priority of all priorities!

Three points against the Casuals is what I would like. In fact, I demand it. We need to collect as many points in order to pile the pressure on other teams in our slim chance for promotion.

The Casuals will be looking for their 20th win on the trot and as it happens we were the last to deny them all three points or a win in the draw at the end of last season. I can certainly promise you that we as a team will be going all out guns blazing to end their winning streak. And I don't mean by holding out for a draw, as it won't be enough in our book.

Phil “Ray The Crab Wilkins” Malcolm said on westminstercasuals.co.uk “I think it will be a very different game. We are certainly a much stronger and more confident team now and they come into the game on the crest of a wave, unbeaten in 2005 and on the back of a 5 – 1 crushing of Molesey Villa in last Saturday's League Senior Cup second round. Furthermore, they have the added boost of four gold medal-winning players from the recently triumphant GB Deaflympics victorious squad. They will be confident of exacting revenge but they will find that we are anything but complacent.”

I have no doubt that The Casuals fully deserve and will win promotion to the Premier Division but not this week if we can help it. I expect them to play their own game to maximum effect but there comes a time when not even the maximum effort is enough when faced against a very determined highly focussed first XI I shall field this Saturday.

On the Casuals' website I noticed an error, possibly a typing error when Phil said “…hopefully it will be a terrific game with worthy winners – us.”

Replace the word 'us' with 'Fulham Deaf'. Enough said. Let battle commence…

Previous Encounters
09/10/04 (KDFL Div 1) Casuals 3 – 1 Fulham Deaf
07/05/04 (KDFL Div 2) Casuals 2 – 2 Fulham Deaf
24/04/04 (League Int Cup Semi Final) Casuals 2 – 2 Fulham Deaf (aet)
Fulham Deaf won 6 – 5 on pens
03/04/04 (Teck Int Cup Semi Final) Fulham Deaf 1 – 2 Casuals
17/01/04 (KDFL Div 2) Fulham Deaf 3 – 0 Casuals

Head to Head Record
Fulham Deaf: 2 wins
Casuals: 2 wins
Draws: 1
Fulham Deaf goals: 9
Casuals goals: 9
Fulham Deaf: 1 Crackers & Sherbert challenge win