18th December 2005 – FDFC Guv does a 'Redknapp' and departs Motspur Park

After another disappointing defeat against Refectory Sports, FDFC Guv locked his players inside the changing room and laid into them for their unacceptable behaviour and lack of discipline for the umpteenth time this season.

Christof then shocked the changing room into silence by announcing his immediate resignation to the lads.

In an exclusive interview to fulhamdfc.com, Christof explained his reasons for leaving, “I have tried very hard to bend over backwards for the lads, especially this season through our difficulties but what I cannot accept is if they do not show any discipline or respect to me on and off the pitch.”

“It has been a wonderful two and a half years at Motspur Park, but now it has come to the point where I feel I cannot be associated with the lack of discipline or respect and so it seems the best thing for me is to distance myself from this. It never was about the poor results we have recorded this season.”

“Of course I am very sad about this as everyone knows my passion with football. I believe I have left the club in a fantastic position since we were formed three years ago. There is a huge potential and talent within the team to take the club further up the league but it is entirely up to the players to whether they wish to remain as they are or sort out their indiscipline and challenge for honours again properly”.

“They are a great bunch of lads and they'll always be my friends. However I was in this job to challenge for honours as I believe they have the talent to make great strides in mainstream football. Unfortunately they seem have lost their way, alas it is not impossible to return on track in keeping their discipline and produce once again some of the most scintillating football I have ever witnessed at grassroot level.”

“I really do wish them well and I especially hope they will learn from this in moving forward when 2006 is upon them. It is a huge wrench to leave Motspur Park. I cannot believe I will not be at the helm any more when training resumes in the New Year. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at FDFC, FFC and other friends for their support and assistance over the years.”

Asked on whether if he would ever return to Fulham Deaf, Christof replied, “The door is always open for a possible return. Football is a funny game and we all saw what happened in Redknapp's return to Portsmouth but unless I see an improvement in the camp I won't be back and I will keep myself busy in completing my FA Level Two coaching course.”

Christof has already rejected approaches from Southampton FC and Sunderland FC in saying that he would prefer to remain in London.

5th December 2005 – I must be in a lighthouse because we have not quite turned the corner!

I raised my hopes too soon! After what looked promising that I would be able to pick from a fully fit squad for the first time this season, Safe Hands got injured mid-week and then during our match against Hook Venturers in true style Roberts got injured in the first fifteen minutes!

No spare keeper on the bench, Morally went into goal and we held out well until half time, even coming close to taking the lead. On the hour the 'inevitable' happened and so I swapped Morally to go back up front and Vorster went into goal. This did not work either but it was the best performance we gave this season and so I came away proud of the lads.

It really has been a very strange season what with one thing cropping up after next. It is almost like I had seven seasons of injuries and jinxes rolled up into one! My head feels all done in but after seeing the lads play their hearts out on the pitch last Saturday; I will also preserve on and do my best to lead us out of the relegation zone before the end of the season.

Two more matches before the end of 2005. I am determined to take maximum points to finish 2005 on a high. However I will not count my chickens and just play it one day at a time, hoping that no further injuries occur this week!

Am off to shake off the dust off my bible from the loft!