The TECK Intermediate Cup Final ended at 1—1 with both goals coming from penalties. Ben Lampert slotted home for Fulham after being felled in the box.

After 30 mins of extra time the game was to be decided on penalties, which the whites won to continue their incredible record of 5 penalty shootouts out of 5 with all 5 shootouts won with 5 different keepers. More on this to follow!

Defender Chris Bunker scored the decisive goal to win 6—5, courtesy of two super blocks by keeper Mike O'Mahony.

Surrey Fire Pens : Player 1 (GOAL), Player 2 (GOAL), Player 3 (GOAL), Player 4 (MISSED), Player 5 (GOAL) , Player 6 ( MISSED)

FDFC Pens: Lampert (GOAL), Vorster (GOAL), Moore (GOAL) Morally (MISSED), Sarraf (GOAL), Bunker (GOAL)