Fulham Deaf 1-0 St John’s

Goal (Assist);
Mycroft (Willis)

MoM – Waller

A solitary goal from Jason Mycroft was enough to give Fulham DFC a victory against defending British Deaf Cup champions St Johns.

With notable line up changes, Hogan went in as a centre back with the aim to lock up St John’s attacking threat, Waller going in as midfield to win the arial challenges & giving physical prowess and Willis striking partner for the match was Mycroft.

Charlton DFC await in the quarter finals but Fulham almost did not make it there when early in the match, Mycroft sloppily conceded the ball in the defensive third. The resulting St Johns attack ended when the shot rattled the crossbar from close range. In the first half alone, Fulham created plenty of goal scoring opportunities that just wouldn’t find the back of the net.

Andrew Kenward who played in a more advanced role in the fixture, had a particularly great chance to open the scoring finding himself in the penalty box with the goal at his mercy. However it would be great goalkeeping that kept Kenward’s attempt out along with further attempts from Jacob Willis and Daniel Waller.

It seemed nothing would beat the keeper except the pace of Willis when they both raced to reach a through ball first. Willis was unsurprisingly quicker and was brought down in an apparent 1v1 situation. Though because there was cover, a red card was avoided but it didn’t stop passion from spilling out onto the pitch. Late tackles started to come in, emotions ran high but neither team could break the deadlock before the halftime whistle blew.

The second half started off as pretty even as Fulham and St Johns battled back and forth. Eventually the deadlock would be broken when a clever flick from Philip Swift found Nick Gregory on the right flank. Gregory played the ball to Willis who did well to carry the ball to the byline before playing in Mycroft. Mycroft delicately struck the ball in the air and gave Fulham the lead.

Compared to the back and forth encounter between the two teams in the first half, the second half did not play out in the same fashion. Following the goal, Fulham attacked while momentum was on their side, Mycroft, Ben Lampert and Daniel Hogan all unsuccessful in their attempts to double the lead.

Frustration showed on St Johns especially when a rash tackle erupted into a unnecessary brawl. Even more unnecessary was the scratching and stamp by a player. While the incident was unseen by the officials, Fulham were resolute and determined to not lose their slender lead.

As the clock ticked, St Johns piled on the pressure and to their credit looked threatening on the attack. However Fulham’s will to not lose proved to be the greater force, limiting St Johns to hardly any clear cut chances. Man of the Match, Waller, was dominant in the air. Winning the majority of the balls, blocking St John’s path to the goal-line.

St Johns will be disappointed with not having an opportunity closer than the first half crossbar shot. Fulham will be pleased with the result and marching on to the next stage of the British Deaf Cup.