Saturday 6th February 2010

SSEC Intermediate Division Two League

Fulham Deaf FC v Nutfield FC

Thankfully, the weather have held out
this time with this match to go ahead. We were to play Nutfield FC for the
third time this season, with first game end up 1-1 in our second league game of
the season and second game was our 6-1 win in cup game.

This game proved to be important as
if Fulham win against Nutfield FC, it will mean that Fulham will go top of the
table for the first time this season as our main rival AFC Cubo was playing
their cup game on the same day.

However, the Gaffer already had a
headache with the selection for the game due to three tall defenders missing in
Evans, McDougall and Lampert. After quick discussion with our  (Supporter / waterboy / physio / motivator / father)
in Martin Willis on the line up selection.

The Gaffer emphasis on three things –

Performing well, keeping clean sheet
and more importantly winning the match.

He also warned that Fulham are
lacking in the aerial presence in the team due to missing players (you know who
you are), Fulham DFC need to ensure that we play the ball on the floor and pass
it around.

The Gaffer decided to continue with the same formation as
last two games with 3-5-2 with Phillip Swift, Andrew Vorster and Jacobs Willis
coming in the team. Monksfield, Harding and Vorster in makeshift back three
with Swift and Hogan operating as wing backs. Gregory, Sellars and Burns were
placed in the middle three with Burns in anchor position. Willis was placed up
front with in form Ailey.

The referee got the game underway,
the first 15 mins was very scrabby affair as players was unable to pass the
ball around as instructed; instead Fulham played lots of long balls which
frustrate the Gaffer. Players were unable to relax and try keep the processions
of the balls, Nutfield was able to pass around the back four then one defender
played excellent long ball that Vorster mis-time the high ball which result the
ball going over his head into empty space behind and their forward was able to
capitalise on it which resulted in Kemp coming out of his goal to the ball but
unfortunately the forward was bit quicker and hit the ball before Kemp knock
him down. It was felt among the Fulham benches that he could have leave the
striker as there was enough players back in the box to defend the ball. Their
captain who took the penalty and he was able to place the ball to bottom right
corner with Kemp going the other way.

to Nutfield.

Much to the Gaffer delighted in how
Fulham response to this goal by scoring within 2 mins of the kick off, which
result in first time cross from Hogan on left side which was headed over the
keeper and into the goal by Fulham’s smallest player on the pitch – Willis, it
was a great diving header although he did hurt himself in the process in
collision with other defender on the floor. This equaliser has boosted the
players; Fulham were able to hold on the balls more and passing it around with
Sellers, Swift, Gregory and Hogan showing some nice touches.


On the right side, Monksfield and
Swift was able to combined which result in Swift being fouled in the penalty
box which Referee point to the penalty for us. Ailey in absence of Fulham’s
regularly penalty taker, Lampert, is the one to take the penalty, which result
in well taken penalty going to the bottom right side of the goal. This goal was
yet again another record-breaking for Ailey in scoring in

10 consecutive
games in a row. 2-1 to Fulham.

It could
have been another goal for Ailey few minute later, when Willis showed great
pace on the left-side, before taking a shot past the keeper which went across
the goal and Ailey was there but choose to leave it thinking it was going in
but it just inch wide of the post.

Willis received a great ball from
Hogan on the left side of the pitch on the half way, and managed to pass two
players along the lines (although one or two players did stop during the
process) before cutting back the pass to Swift who have sidefooted home to the
right side of the goal. Referee at first give the goal to us, before their team
complained that Willis went over the line and should be a throw in for them, so
it results in the Gaffer and Referee having a talk about it, and the Gaffer
being a honest person that he is, told the Referee that the ball did go over
the line and it should be their throw in which Referee has reversed his
decision and give a throw in to the other team.

Half Time:

Gaffer expressed his concern at
Fulham for not being composed on the ball, keeping the ball under the pressure and
our presence in the air was nowhere to be seen, this need to be improved for
the second half.

Straight off, Nutfield FC have
decided to employ long ball tactics which proved to be successful in the early
part of the second half, as our back three was struggling with the long balls
which result in couple of shots which Kemp was able to saved excellently.
Nutfield has a throw in near the penalty box, their captain was there to threw
a long ball which Monksfield was able to cleared but unfortunately the referee
has spotted that Monksfield pushed the player front of him while he was heading
the ball which result in penalty given to Nutfield.Their captain stood up for his second
penalty of the game, putting the ball in the same spot and Kemp was able to guess
correctly but unfortunately was unable to push the ball out of the goal.


Fulham DFC was struggling to cope
with the long balls, once they managed to passed the ball around, taking the
balls out wide to our wing backs who was able to run at the players, one
moment, Swift has received a excellent cross field pass from Sellers, and ran
at the player then lay off the ball to Gregory who took one touch before
striking the ball from outside right side of the box which went straight to the

Another long ball come to Monksfield
who should have head it away at first time, choose to let it bounce and mis-hit
the ball which result in Nutfield forward picking up the ball and putting it in
the bottom right side despite a touch from Kemp.

3-2 to Nutfield.

All of sudden we were down 2-3 with
15 mins to go, this has spur Fulham to step up (something they should have done
earlier in this game), Moore came on for Vorster in for his first game of this
year. Fulham started to play lots of football in Nutfield’s half, and Hogan
played 1-2 with Ailey which set Hogan completely free down on the left side of
the pitch before laying back to Willis who was unmarked to tap the ball in for
his second goal of the game.


With five mins to go, there was lots
of pressure from Fulham on Nutfield goal without any successful shots, as their
back four was able to stand firm. Ailey and Gregory combined tightly on the
bottom right of the corner with Gregory releasing Hogan with the ball, and
Hogan went in inside of the player, produced thunderous shot from outside the
box which absolutely flew to the left top corner of the goal with the keeper
standing still, only for the ball to hit the very top-edge of corner post and
out to the play which the Nutfield’s defender glad to clear first time out of
the play. This proved to be the last moment for Fulham as the whistle blew for
full time.

All the players were dejected, very
disappointed with the performance as they felt that they threw away two points
in the league but it must be said that Nutfield have played fantastic well and
executed their tactics very well in the game which has frustrated Fulham with
long/high balls and defending very solid.

The Gaffer expressed his angry at our
performance which he said was the worst of the season so far, and demanded that
we do not repeat this performance again this season at all. Man of the Match
went to Willis for his all round energetic performance as well as his two

Next week Fulham Deaf are home to a
tough side, Cheam Village Warriors, for an absolutely important league match.
They will be coming to Motspur Park with lot of confidence after beating
Caterham Old Boys 1-0 at home last Saturday (the only team to do so in the

Final score Fulham Deaf FC 3 – 3 Westside FC (HT 2 – 1)

FDFC Line-up :- Kemp, Monksfield, Vorster (Moore 76), Harding, Swift, Burns,
Sellers, Gregory, Hogan, Willis and Ailey.

Subs not used :- Rumney, Waller, Pafe and Sarraf