Located five miles away from Old Trafford, was the British Deaf Cup semi final between Fulham Deaf and Nottingham on this typical Saturday afternoon at Manchester University Football Ground.

Nottingham progressed to the semi finals with two impressive victories against Doncaster Deaf Reserves and Liverpool Deaf with victories of 15 – 0 and 6 – 2 respectively. Fulham Deaf arrived at this stage with two hard fought matching 3 – 2 victories against Black Country Deaf and St Johns Deaf.

As it was Fulham Deaf first game in the space of three weeks, one could sense the hunger of the Fulham Deaf footballers as they arrived onto the pitch fifteen minutes before kick off.

The referee blew his whistle and waved his hand to signal the start of this much-anticipated semi final. With only forty-five seconds on the clock, Ben Lampert blasted a quick free kick over the bar from just outside Nottingham Deaf's box.

Another forty-five seconds later, a Rowan Dixon's cross to B Lampert was saved by Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper but the loose ball was tucked away into the net by Andrew Drury to put Fulham Deaf 1 – 0 up early in the match.

Minutes later, Andrew Vorster made an excellent well timed tackle to prevent Nottingham Deaf's Oliver Wilcox getting through on a possible one-to-one with Richard Parker, Fulham Deaf's goalkeeper.

With a quarter of an hour gone, Fulham Deaf won a free kick just half way between the halfway line and Nottingham Deaf's goal wide on the left. B. Lampert took the free kick and chipped the ball to the far post. Drury was unmarked at the far end and flicked the ball with the outside of his boot over the Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper to make it 2 – 0. This was to be the goal of the match.

Four minutes later, B. Lampert took an identical free kick, this time on the right. The ball was slammed to the near post towards Rowan Dixon and an unfortunate Nottingham Deaf defender marking Dixon, got to the ball first and put it in the net instead of giving away a corner.

Fulham Deaf now at 3 – 0 up half way through the first half saw Bim Ajadi needlessly booked for dissent towards the referee. This came out of frustration after Ajadi won the ball back cleanly but hard after losing it just beforehand which the referee viewed as a foul.

 A minute later, Dixon broke through on a one-to-one with Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper chasing a loose 50-50 ball. Dixon got to it first and wafted past the goalkeeper with pace and curled the ball home into the back of the net to make it 4 – 0.

With eight minutes remaining in the first one-sided half, a rare Nottingham Deaf corner was cleared by Ayad Sarraf who placed the ball up front to Richard Jeffers. With a huge leap, Jeffers headed the ball to his right to B. Lampert who in turn passed to Dixon. This fast breakaway from Nottingham Deaf's corner resulted in a headed goal by Jeffers.

Wilcox of Nottingham Deaf, made a dazzling run down the left and cut into the box from out wide only to get his bearings wrong with his attempt finding the outside of the net.

Half time Fulham Deaf 5 – 0 Nottingham Deaf. Neil Fox and Ryan Pendley came on for Ajadi and Oliver Westbury respectively.

With hardly a minute gone, a deft chip made by Jeffers found Dixon in acres of space and another chip this time made by Dixon sailed wide of goal.

 Fox and Nick Beese runs the state of play in midfield until Nottingham Deaf starts to come out on top for a spell.

Nottingham Deaf number three blasts a Nottingham Deaf free kick, just outside Fulham Deaf's half circle over the bar.

Vorster loses control of the ball outside wide on the right and turns back to win possession of it. In haste, Vorster made a rash tackle and the referee rightly pointed to the penalty spot to Nottingham Deaf's advantage. Nottingham Deaf's number eight blast the ball over the bar from the spot.

Kevin Harewood replaced Dixon with thirty-five minutes to go. Minutes later, from a second successive corner, Nottingham Deaf pegged a goal back in the middle of confusion inside Fulham Deaf's box.

Seconds later after re-kick off, Nottingham Deaf's number eight is booked for dissent towards the referee after making a dirty over the top tackle which he got an original verbal warning for.

On the hour, a superb chip made by Jeffers is too long for Fox who broke through a hole in Nottingham Deaf's defence where the ball is collected by Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper.

Harewood got into the act to make it 6 – 1 after he slammed the loose ball home when Jeffers' shot was parried by Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper. Barely three minutes later, a similar rebound tucked in by Jeffers was mysteriously ruled out for offside.

Sixty seconds later, Harewood made it an astonishing quick double making it 7 – 1 after he unleashed the ball home once he won it beating off his marker. Two minutes later, Jeffers made it 8-1 with an identical goal made by Harewood just before.

Pendley and Docker continued to dominate any counter attacks made by Nottingham Deaf in the heart of defence. Parker was equal to the task if Nottingham Deaf broke through.

With twelve minutes to go, B. Lampert took a direct free kick that touched the side netting on the outside.

Drury won the hat trick race between Jeffers and Harewood making it a sensational nine goals blitz when he from twenty-eight yards out, blasted the ball squeezing it past the dejected Nottingham Deaf's goalkeeper with five minutes left.

 Luton Deaf was awarded the other semi final when at 3 – 0 down, Mary Hare Old Boys made a substitution with the substitute came on with his hearing aid on. This resulted in an instant disqualification for the unfortunate Mary Hare Old Boys. The British Deaf Cup final will be held in Glasgow on 1st of May between Fulham Deaf and Luton Deaf.

Final score Fulham DFC 9 – 1 Nottingham DFC (half time 5 – 0)
 Man of the Match (Fulham DFC) : Andrew Drury

Fulham Deaf FC Line up:

Parker, Vorster, Docker, Sarraf, Westbury (Pendley 46), Ajadi, (Fox 46) N.Beese, B. Lampert, Drury, Fox, Jeffers, Dixon (Harewood 55)

Christof Niklaus
 Fulham Deaf FC Manager