Immediately after the whistle went to start the match, Fulham Deaf went on the attack with two glorious chances wasted by Richard Jeffers when on a one-to-one against Spartak Molesey's goal keeper in the first seven minutes.

Alas, there was no hesitation from Jeffers when he was invited to slot the ball into the net after some excellent work by Rowan Dixon's shot, which the Spartak's goal keeper failed to control. At seventeen minutes, Fulham Deaf was 1 – 0 up and it still was all one-way inside Spartak's half.

Jeffers was guilty of missing two further striking chances to notch a possible hat trick and Drury blasted wide after a superb back heel from Jeffers.

The ball was slammed into the top right hand corner by captain Andrew Drury from the spot after Jeffers was felled inside the box. There were no complaints from Spartak especially with the evidence of a huge turf of grass sticking out of the ground like a mole hill from the late desperate tackle.

There was hardly time to catch your breath before the third goal came after 25 seconds from Spartak re-starting the match. The ball was quickly won by Nick Beese who pushed up towards goal and Jeffers slotted the ball home with ease to the delight of the crowd.

It was all too good to be true at being 3-0 up after twenty-two minutes with Paul Lambert carried off after a sickening clash with a Spartak forward outside the box. Rested goal keeper Richard Parker came on for Lambert who later was ruled out for the reminder of the year with a serious knee injury.

The momentum, adrenaline and tempo dipped a little for Fulham Deaf after the sight of Lambert being carried off. This drop didn't last long as Jeffers sped down the right wing chasing a through ball from Ryan Pendley. Jeffers' cross was met by Dixon who faced an open goal to make it 4-0. It was no more than what Dixon's deserved after his earlier hard work and dazzling ball skill, lobbing over his marker several times and turning round to speed down either toward goal or down the wing.

Parker made a deft tipped punch to aim the ball into Ayad Sarraf's possession to clear. With seven minutes to half time, a slip by Clive Campbell just inside Spartak's half led to an ambitious infamous Beckham lob toward Fulham's goal by Spartak. Fortunately, for Fulham the ball landed closer to the corner flag than to goal!

Just before half-time a Spartak's goal was ruled out for offside and Fulham Deaf gathered together for half-time at 4-0 up.

Ben Stubbs came on for Samba Coker and the second half kicked off at a furious pace. Jeffers was denied a hat trick when the referee ruled the goal was an own goal after Jeffers' shot towards goal was helped into the net by the desperate sliding Spartak defender. Still it was 5-0 to Fulham Deaf.

Neil Fox came on for Pendley at with half an hour to go. Parker made a great save from a Spartak's 25 yards screamer by tipping the ball over the bar. From the resulting corner, Stubbs headed the ball over the bar from a goal bound header. This seemed to trigger Spartak's frustrations who had three players booked for a late tackle, dissent and unsporting behaviour respectively.

With full-time looming close, Jeffers made it a historical first ever Fulham Deaf hat trick when he beat the offside trap and zoomed towards goal to slot the ball home after rounding the goal keeper. Jeffers' three goals and teamwork earned him the man of the match to sum up a great day for Fulham Deaf.

Final score Fulham Deaf FC 6 – 0 Spartak Molesey (half time 4 – 0)

Fulham Deaf FC Line up:

Lambert (Parker 23), Coker (Stubbs 46), Vorster, Beese, Sarraf, Campbell, Drury, Pendley (Fox 61), Jeffers, Dixon, McGreevy

Christof Niklaus
Fulham Deaf FC Manager