The best team won on the day is what I am saying with a lump in my throat. After watching the first fifteen minutes, hand on heart, even as club manager I could not recognise my players from the sidelines. We was just not there on the pitch, fighting for every 50-50 balls, creating chances or producing what we are best at – teamwork.

What is really sad is that I don't think we played at all. We knew the rules – it's about winning on the day. It's about rising to the occassion in big matches. It's about playing when the chips are down. The simple fact are that St John's DFC are the British Deaf Champions – we are not. I am very disappointed.

It was a shame that the dive in the box that resulted in a penalty had an effect on the final but then again there will be many out there who will say “what goes around comes around…” after we got through in our quarter final against Belfast Deaf after a controversial penalty was awarded to us. Overall credit must go to St John's who on the day came out with the hunger, passion and desire to win the cup. Daniel Ailey was impressive, not only up front but also coming back to support the midfield. Darren Dunne, for me was the outstanding man of the match in closing down our threats into their half and tidied up any loose balls. Oliver Monksfield was a thorn in their midfield and Memnos Costi produced one of his better days for St John's.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Christou of St John's for his friendship in working together to get the final sorted out which was not organised in a professional manner. Thank you Paul. I just hope my team Man Utd will beat Paul's team Arsenal in the FA Cup Final this Saturday so that I can claim a pint from him but having said that I'd swap it for a win yesterday.

British Deaf Champions 2004/05 St John Arsenal