Scorers (Assist):

B.Lampert (Willis)
Farrell (Willis)
Willis x5 (Gregory x2, Hogan, Kenward)

Man of the Match:


On another beautiful sunny Saturday Fulham yet again won with another high scoring goal-line winning 7-3 against Crescent Rovers.

Looking to continue the momentum from last week’s win yet being waring of our opposition, whom thus far prior to the match has the same run of form in the league as we did.

We made an impressive start, keeping possession of the ball although we did lose a little bit of our touch after the first 10 minute. The first goal came into play with ball work going on in the in front of the goal mouth for Willis to eventually flick the ball onto for Lampert who smashed the ball into the net.

It was then when our two forwards picked up a slight injury causing the team to lose our closing down prowess up front. Fulham had to resist as play started to knock about in our half.

However, after a bit of good defensive play, play second goal was a repeat of last week play with Kamps picking up the ball and playing it to Jacob for him to find Lee putting the ball home for us to lead 2-0.

We conceded our first goal from the penalty spot after a high footed challenge. We however immediately hit back with Jacob scoring his first goal of five and probably the pick of the bunch. Striking from just outside the box blindsiding the goalkeeper as it flew past over his head and high back into the net.

We had several chances to build on our lead after not making the most of our set pieces opportunities. With the players in the right place at the right time but failing to convert into goals. This misfortune will only improve in future matches to come. For now though, this did cost us as Crescent came back with another goal. Unleashing a hidden weapon, a long throw into the box and after a bad clearance the ball was stuck well enough for it to go into the back of the net. The score heading into the 2nd half was 3-2 to Fulham.

The manager wasn’t overly impressed with our display in the first half and after a vigorous team talk, we went back out onto the pitch aiming to prove that we can do better than we performed in the first half. A substitute was made with Evans taking place of Farrell.

Pressing hard and aiming to compose ourselves better, we went out creating opportunities for the forward to pounce and to increase the lead. Evans had chances to even go for the hat-trick himself but the chances were just put wide of the goalposts.

After a period of good attacking play, the 4th came from a cross from Kamps into the path of Gregory who headed the ball in front of the goalmouth for Jacob to knock it into the net.

The 6th goal came immediately just after the 5th with a cross from Kenward after dribbling on the right side of the pitch following a 1-2 with Evans. The cross went into the path of a running Willis who timed his jump and headed the ball past the goalie to make it his 4th of the game.

Our last goal came from intensive pressing play with the ball going back to their goalkeeper, only for him to smack the ball right into Jacob and to roll to the back of the net.

Fulham aims to build up on the form and to carry it on for our next match and to maintain our position in the League Table.