Fulham DFC beat Wimbledon Town 15-2 to win their first game in the new Surrey FA Futsal Fives league at the Tolworth Recreation Centre.

All the fixtures, results and latest league table can be found here: Surrey FA Futsal Fives

We are delighted to have finally embraced the small beautiful game that is known as futsal. Futsal is a fun, fast-paced football game, played indoors within the lines of a basketball court (no walls), using a small, size 3 (or size 4), low-bounce ball. The game consists of two teams of four players and a goalkeeper with unlimited substitutions and quick restarts.  Futsal is now played by over 12 million people in over 100 countries worldwide and touted as one of the keys in the development of soccer greats such as Pele, Zidane, and Ronaldhino!

English football was very slow in the take up of Futsal, and has yet to qualify for a World Cup or European Championships.  Great Britain Deaf got in on the act first by sending a team to the 1st European Futsal Championships in Bulgaria in 2002 and finished an impressive 10th out of  17 countries on their futsal debut. England Futsal was set up the following year in 2003. England Deaf has since competed in several Futsal Championships.

Futsal Planet 1st European Futsal Championships Results and Standings
Britishdeaffootball.com photos from the 1st European Futsal Championships

Doncaster College Deaf Football Club featuring Fulham DFC’s Daniel Hogan made both deaf history and football history by winning the 2005 FA National Futsal Championships. Doncaster became the first ever disability team to win a major mainstream football competition. Doncaster were the sole England representative in the UEFA Futsal Cup in 2007/08.

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