Fulham DFC Youth – Berlin, Germany / September 10th 2005

Football Report

On Friday Night we played Berlin Deaf Youth in a 11 a side friendly match and we drew 3-3. but we won by the penalties shootout.

On Saturday, Fulham Deaf Youth U17 vs Berlin Deaf Youth U17, and also
Fulham Deaf Youth U14 vs Berlin Deaf Youth 14 in a 7 a side football
matches. They played each other three times, with 20 mins each way.

Fulham Deaf Youth U17 vs Berlin Deaf Youth U17

1st Game 1-0W Sam Smith

2nd Game 0-1L

3rd Game 0-0 D

Penalty shootout:

1 – Phillip Swift

2 – David Hogh

3 – Ryan Marshall

4 – Louis Francis

5 – Lee Green

6 – Daniel Whaller

7 – Ali Halil

They won by the penalites shootout.

Team: Phillip Swift, David Hogh, Ryan Marshall, Louis Francis, Lee
Green, Daniel Whaller, Ali Halil, Chris Drew, Sam O'Brien, Adam Foot

Fulham Deaf Youth U14 vs Berlin Deaf Youth 14

1st Game 0-0 D

2nd Game 2-1W Jacob Waillies (2)

3rd Game 0-1 L

Penalty Shootout:

1 – Daniel Whaller

2 – Adam Foot

3 – Andrew Tobin

4 – Jacob Willis

5 – James Paull

They lost by the penalites shootout.

Team: Daniel Whaller, Adam Foot, Andrew Tobin, Jacob Willis, James
Paull, George Leahy, Stefano Starvous, Thomas Paull, James Paull

Berlin Report

Upon arrival at Berlin, Dieter Langwald, the Berlin representative with
his assistant, Barbara escorted the Fulham Deaf Youth players and their
parents to the youth hostel. Dieter and Barbara updated the group of
the upcoming football tournament and some information of various
historical sightseeing trips.

Doris, the other Berlin rep, was at the youth hostel to give a pep
talk at the reception. Almost immediately we set off to our first
sightseeing to Checkpoint Charlie area. It was fascinating to learn
about its history but the boys were restless to play football.

Once we returned to the hostel, the boys got changed to do some
football training as a warm up for the upcoming tournament. On the
pitch, there were many German deaf children on the sidelines all
looking with a curious look on their faces. Mark Gill orchestrated the
coaching along with Dave Foot in their final preparations for the

On second day we got up early to visit the deaf school in Potsdam
and met their headteacher. He gave a gleaming talk in broken English
but an interpreter was at hand to assist the communication. He
introduced us to meet some other teachers and pupils in their
classrooms and sports field.

An incredible story came to our attention about some slow-learning
hearing pupils being integrated into the deaf school with deaf pupils.
Their priority goal was in sports to overcome their confidence and the
education actually came second. We then visited Cecilienhof where the
Second World War ended with the treaty being signed by USA, UK and

Then we went on a cruiser trip down River Spree to view many places
before returning to the hostel and the players got changed for football
match (11-a-side) with Deaf German team. They played with confidence
increasing as the match went on and in the end drew before winning on
penalties. After the match, we explored more in the city of Berlin.

On the third day, we all got up and were escorted to a different
stadium with astro-turf further away in the city already filled with
some German spectators. Both Fulham Deaf and Berlin Deaf teams were
excited while the officials sorted out the timetable of 3 matches each
for U14 and U17 teams to be played. Both sides fought hard evenly to
overcome their skills and determination. In the end, the Fulham Deaf
U17 won by penalties while the Fulham Deaf U14 became runner-ups after


We then returned to the hostel and get changed for afternoon
visiting to Hitler stadium; which was a long ride by train and bus. It
was beautiful stadium where German held the Olympic Games in 1936.
Afterwards we returned to the deaf club for the presentation / farewell

The Berlin Deaf youth joined the fun with our Fulham Deaf youth by
mingling and went out for drinks round the corner and returned to us.

It was hectic for all tourists, parents with a restricted amount of
time but such an exciting moment for the boys who played football
showing plenty of energy.

I was delighted that the boys behaved extremely well without any
problem on or off the field and mingle together well with the locals
and parents. It was a valuable experience for the footballers and
parents overseas including the three hearing fathers who integrated
well with us.

The German reps, Doris, Dieter and Barbara were excellent guides who
were with us all the time, taking care of us and escorted us to as many
places as possible over the few days. We would like to thank them for
their kindness and thoughtfulness via fulhamdfc.com

Alan Paull

October 2005