GB Deaf against Russia - Summer 2015

While we have the Women’s World Cup taking place in Canada, the Under 21’s competing in their own European Championship, you can’t miss out on the Deaf Internationals playing in the European Deaf Championship.

This summer (happening right now actually) Great Britain Deaf is set to play against international teams around Europe to vie to be the best deaf International team in Europe. Fulham has five players representing Great Britain in the tournament and we wish them the very best, as well as all the players in the squad, to come out on top and to bring the trophy back to the United Kingdom.

The famous five are:

  1. Tom Boyle
  2. Nick Gregory
  3. Philip Swift
  4. Ben Lampert
  5. Jacob Willis.

To follow the progress that Great Britain will make in the European Deaf Championship:

We wouldn’t want to forget the Women’s Team as they will also aim to bring home the Women’s European Deaf Championship and we wish them the very best.

Fingers crossed all around!