Rest In Peace Sarah Davies

On Sunday
morning, Fulham and Great Britain star Sarah Davies was tragically killed in a
road accident when travelling home with friends from a night out.

a talented 19 year old midfielder has been an integral part of the Fulham ladies
squad over the years being one of the major key players, and was also part of
the successful Great Britain squad that won bronze at the 2005 Deaflympics in

Everyone is extremely shocked and saddened at the loss of not
only a key player but a good friend. One of the key strengths at Fulham is the
team spirit and the loss of 'part of the Fulham family' has hit everyone at the
club extremely hard.

Sarah was very well-liked and respected by everyone
at the club and we will all miss her on and off the field. Our thoughts and
prayers are with her friends and family.

If you wish to leave a message
on a condolence webpage set up in memory of Sarah click here