Great Britain Deaf Football are still urgently trying to raise the costs required for the European Football Championships. We need to raise £35,000, and we have £10,000 from the BDSC. Have you, the supporters, got deep pockets? Spare a pound, or 2, or twenty?! GB Football have a just giving account, please dig deep! Donate online, it’s free, easy and quick!

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The Great Britain Deaf Football Squad selected for the European Football Championships in Lisbon, 10th–23rd June, 2007 are:

Greg Beedie, Alistair Dalziel, John Atkinson, Daniel Ailey, Chris Naylor, Daniel Hogan, Jason Corbett, Jon Evans, Nicholas Gregory, Oliver Monksfield, Oliver Wilcox, Peter Wood, Steven Gardiner, Taljinder Singh, Gary Spotswood, Ben Lampert, Chris Beech, Darrell Sykes, Gary Crofton and Lee Farrell.

The Officials:

Manager – Phillip Gardner

Assistant Manager – Ayad Sarraf

Head Coach – Chris Gwynn

Coach – Mark Saunderson

Physio – Lorraine Swindlehurst

PR/Media – Mark Gill

PA/PR/Media – Martine Laverty

Why should you donate GB Deaf Football?

Great Britain Deaf Football are self�funded and do not receive any help or support from the Football Association or the Government. The Government and the FA at present will not recognise the Great Britain Deaf Football as a body. Therefore, we rely on charitable donations/sponsorships and kind donations from outside support.

All coaches, managers and physiotherapists who work with Great Britain Deaf Football are volunteers, and to date, no one has been paid for their hard work.

Deaf Football deserves to be on the same platform as hearing funding in relation to funding from the FA and the Government. We will continue to fight for our rights on this, so in the meantime, any donations you can give this talented team for the European Football Championships, it will be gratefully appreciated!