Picture: Great Britain Manager Phillip
Gardner, Oliver Westbury (Doaweb4me.com) Mark Nelson (Remark!) and
Nick Beese (Fulham DFC Chairman, GB Trustee and Web Designer) toast the launch of the new britishdeaffootball.com website

It's the beginning of a new era for Great Britain Deaf Football and all
the deaf football mad lovers in the UK! The
newly revamped britishdeaffootball.com website had been launched.

This website includes sections for GB Men, GB Women, EDC (English
Deaf Cup) and the BDC (British Deaf Cup), so now you can read
information on the Great Britain Deaf Football and the EDC and BDC in
one place! This is where you will find out training weekends for both
GB men and women, selections, matches, and news. All fixtures for the
EDC and the BDC will also be reported here.

We also are launching a new Great Britain Deaf Football Online
Magazine! Martine Laverty will seek out players, coaches, managers, and
of course, not forgetting the supporters to sit in her legendary “Big
Brother” chair to be interviewed! Check out the first interview with GB
Men's Jon Evans!

This website will also be one and only site to go to for Great Britain
Deaf Football's progress in the European Football Championships in
Portugal, 10�23rd June. Your Reporters in Portugal will be Mark Gill
and Martine Laverty, who will bring you results, match reports and

The new website and branding was designed by Fulham DFC Chairman Nick Beese, who is also a GB Trustee

To view the website // Click here