One of Fulham DFC’s former players, Oliver Westbury, who has been featured on this site a few times, with his marathon endeavours, and is setting out to do another one, by conquering the North Pole for charity. To help him raise money to the tune of £27,000 to be able to do this for NDCS, Oliver recruited Stuart Wilson to do a fundraising exercise.

This is what Stuart has come up with, and it involves Oliver not shaving his facial hair for 180 days providing the monthly targets have been met, (£300 per month). So to help Stuart raise £1,800 over 180 days, they have released videos on YouTube which you can see below of this paragraph and the links for the other videos.

Episode 1: A Close Shave

Episode 2: Into Thin Air

Episode 3: Bathroom Break

Episode 4: On Strike

Episode 5: Blair Itch Project

Day 1: Oliver’s last shave for possibly 180 days!

Oliver’s 180-day Itch: Week 1

So for NDCS, dig deep into your own pockets, and donate towards this very good cause, and give Oliver a longer attachment with his ever-so-growing beard!

Oliver’s 180-day Itch Blog

Oliver’s 180-day Facebook Group

Oliver’s 180-day Itch JustGiving Page

Oliver Westbury’s Website

NDCS North Pole Expedition