Below are all job descriptions for the roles of the Fulham DFC Committee as of June 2010.


Provide leadership and direction
for the club

Oversee the work of the Club

Chair meetings of the club

Advocate of the football club for
the local community.

Be completely familiar with the
constitution, club rules and committee

Oversee and guide all
decisions taken by the Committee

Liaise with the secretary on the Agenda
for each meeting and review the
draft minutes before they are circulated

with the
Treasurer to ensure that funds are spent properly and in the best
interest of
the club

Liaise with FFC on all matters regarding kit, use of facilities, PR and
other matters.


Serves in the absence of the chairman for
committee meetings and at the

Supports the chairman in the above duties.


Manage and administer finances of
the club

Create annual income and
expenditure sheets and balance sheets

Ensure all payments and fines are
paid on time and recorded

Support all fundraising and
sponsorship opportunities.

To prepare
the club’s accounts and present the
accounts to every club meeting or when instructed by the Committee

To prepare
the club’s accounts and present the
accounts to the club’s Annual General Meeting

To ensure
that all spend, invoices and bills
authorised by the club are paid

To submit a
written fund raising plan with set

To submit a
written application for grants

To carry out
fund raising activities on behalf of
the Club and to meet the targets set in the plan.

To liaise
with players and officials to arrange
collection of club fees e.g. membership, training, match fees and fines.

To manage all
aspects of the football club

To arrange a
pool of players

To liaise
with players to arrange coaching /
training sessions

To liaise
with players to arrange matches

To record
attendance and departure from club

Have the
final say on the selection of players for

To liaise
with the players, player’s parents and
coaches on

for travel to club activities.

themselves and the coaches informed of all
development activities / training.

To liaise
with the club committee on all
requirements for equipment and/or kit

To give
progress reports to the Club Committee when

To be familiar with the Club Code of Conduct and enforce it when appropriate.


Official contact between club and County FA and
other clubs

Ensure club
affiliation and league membership

effective correspondence and communication

minutes of meetings for official club records

Match day
duties to support teams and officials.

the first point of contact for all club enquiries

meetings to represent the club e.g. league
meetings, national meetings

all club players and officials

with all club correspondence

arrange pitches and referees for matches

liaise with the club’s opponents to arrange matches

in conjunction with the chairman to prepare agendas
and minutes and to ensure all required actions have been carried out.

make funding applications on behalf of the club

Chief Fundraiser

To identify and
sources of funding for the club

To identify grants and complete applications with club committee members
or FFC
Community Trust as appropriate

To prepare funding bids in partnership with club committee members
members or
FFC Community Trust as appropriate

To develop a sponsorship proposal(s) for the club

To promote and publicise any funding and/or sponsorship secured for the club through the
website, in association with the PR officer and webmaster

Manage and
administer club website

Update website weekly with
FDFC and deaf football news

Update and maintain player
profiles annually

Promote the club to the
local and national community

Manage and
work with news officers.

Men’s, Ladies
and Club
& Youth News PR Officers

responsibility to add results, news, photos
and videos to the website.

Liaise with
Webmaster to keep website up to date on
squad news and events

Supply webmaster with
profile and team photos annually

Take responsibility for
delegating/supplying reports and taking photos
at events or big games

Promote the squad and
individual players via the website and facebook
group page

Events Manager
Organise at
least one fundraising event a year
(Target – figure as agreed with FDFC Committee)

Organise Presentation Party

Book venue
for Xmas Party and ensure each squad
books dinner.

Organise team building
activities, parties and other gatherings
throughout the season

Liaise with
treasurer re finance for fundraising

Communicate plans/ideas to
Committee for approval

To promote and advertise events on the club website

in association with the PR
officer and


Wash and look after playing
kit and ensure it is ready for match day

Players Rep

Look after welfare of squad
members and relay concerns to the Manager

Ensure all players are


for and carry out the duties of the Club Manager as and when required.

To assist the club manager
select a squad of players for the season and
a team for club matches

To be
responsible for the
fitness levels and coaching of all players in the squad

To prepare in
with the Club Manager a fitness and coaching programme for all players
in the

To implement
agreed fitness
and coaching programmes for all players in the Squad

To ensure that there is
first aid cover and a first aid kit during all
club activities plus access to a telephone

Be responsible for club
equipment e.g. goalposts ensuring that there is
sufficient equipment and that it is in good working order

To work towards attaining
the necessary FA Coaching Certificates and
attend other compatible courses