Hello! I would like to introduce my assistant manager, Leo Mansell. Leo has a few words for you:

Hello, my name is Leo. Before christmas, Ayad asked me to work with him as assistant manager. I thought why not, as it would a challenge for me. I have since enjoyed myself with the club. I have two aims to achieve before the end of the season and they are to save us from relegation from division one, and to win the British Deaf Cup. I also hope to put a smile back on the players faces and instill confidence in everyone.

Thanks Leo, its great to have him on board as I need his support in consulting with the players and managing the club. Leo is now one of our Chelsea styled 'special 4', along with myself, Nick Beese and Bim. We've been a good team so far.

We still have a long way and we will continue to work and fight all the way to the end! Thanks.