Welcome to the new Fulham DFC BSL Video News!

My name is Ayad Sarraf. I'm going to tell you about our football news from January onwards. Last month we have won three out of four games, which I am very pleased with! I'm most pleased about our game against the British Deaf champions, St John Arsenal, last Saturday which we won 3-1. It was a great game of football fought in strong winds, I compliment them for coming and playing good football, and being good sportsmen after the game. I would like to say a big big big thanks to the fans for coming to watch the game in the freezing weather. There was well over 200 people watching, which was fantastic! I hope they all enjoyed watching the game!

Now our top priority is to sort out our league form, to get Fulham clear from the relegation zone, as the cup games are not to be played for a while. So we will now turn our attention to the league.

I hope you can come and support us sometime, Thanks for watching!

Ayad Sarraf

FDFC Men Manager