FDFC Women 2009/10

Comp Date Opponent H/A Scorers & (Woman of Match) Result
GLWD3S 20/09/09 Surrey Ladies A Willis 2, Tobin(Simmons) 3-0 W
GLWD3S 27/09/09 Regents Park Rangers H Maycock, Willis(Willis) 2-2 D
GLWD3S 04/10/09 London United A (Docker) 0-1 L
GLWD3S 11/10/09 Kent Magpies Reserves H Savage. Willis x 2(Botonaki) 3-1 W
SFA 18/10/09 Crystal Palace Res H (Docker) 0-2 L
GLWD3S 25/10/09 Old Actonians Res A Docker(Maycock) 1-5 L
JGMT r1 01/11/09 Hemel Hempstead Res H  Botonaki x 2, Tobin, Simmons, Savage, Alp, Maycock, Wenman, Docker x 2 (Botonaki) 10-1 W
RC r1 08/11/09 East Moore A (Simmons) 0-3 L
GLWD3S 15/11/09 AFC Fulham H Pushpalingham(Botonaki) 1-4 L
GLWD3S 22/11/09 South London Women H (Waterlogged) P-P
GLWD3S 29/11/09 Brixton Tigers H Willis x 2, Pert x 2, Maycock, Botonaki(Pert) 6-0 W
JGMT r2 06/12/09 Tottenham Hotspur 3rds A (Waterlogged) P-P
GLWD3S 13/12/09 Merton A Botonaki x 5, Alp x 2, Wenman, Savage, Own goal(Tobin) 10-0 W
GLWD3S 20/12/09 East Moore A (Postponed) P-P
GLWD3S 10/01/10 South London Women A (Frozen pitch) P-P
JGMT r2 17/01/10 Tottenham Hotspur 3rds A (Unplayable pitch) P-P
GLWD3S 24/01/10 Surrey Ladies H Pert(Simmons) 1-1 D
GLWD3S 31/01/10 AFC Fulham A Alp, Maycock(Alp) 2-12 L
GLWD3S 07/02/10 East Moore H (Davies) 0-16 L
JGMT r2 14/02/10 Tottenham Hotspur 3rds A Wenman(Docker) 1-5 L
GLWD3S 21/02/10 South London Women D/H Wenman x 2, Alp, Mayock, Kenward(Ryan) 5-0 W
GLWD3S 21/02/10 South London Women D/H (Maycock) 0-0 D
GLWD3S 28/02/10 Merton H (Waterlogged) P-P
GLWD3S 07/03/10 Clapham United Reserves A (Alp) 0-4 L
GLWD3S 07/03/10 Clapham United Reserves D/H (Pushpalingham) 0-7 L
GLWD3S 14/03/10 Regents Park Rangers A (TBC) 0-6 L
GLWD3S 21/03/10 Brixton Tigers A (Brixton Tigers unable to field a team) P-P
GLWD3S 28/03/10 Merton H (Merton unable to field a team) P-P
GLWD3S 11/04/10 East Moore A Willis, Tobin(Pert) 2-7 L
GLWD3S 18/04/10 Kent Magpies Reserves A Willis x 2(Tobin) 2-1 W
GLWD3S 25/04/10 London United H Botonaki, Savage(Ryan) 2-2 D
GLWD3S 02/05/10 Old Actonians Reserves H (Waterlogged) P-P
GLWD3S 23/05/10 Old Actionians Reserves H Botonaki(Tobin) 1-7 L
GLWD3S – Greater London Women’s Football League Division Three South Table // Click here


Surrey FA County Cup – SFA Round 1 lost v Crystal Palace Reserves
Russell Cup – RC Round 1 lost v East Moore
John Greenacre Memorial Trophy – JGMT Round 2 lost v Tottenham Hotspur 3rds