Fulham took the match to Barnet after conceding the first goal of the match, and Fulham’s first in the tournament.

After having a good start and displaying some good attacking initiatives despite not getting any shots made, it was Barnet that first put the ball into the net. A long throw put the defence off guard and it eventually fell to a Barnet player who simply headed the ball in out of Boyle’s reach.

It would however be one of the rare times Barnet made a threat. Fulham started the fightback trying to find a way through Barnet defence. Although we did at times, failing to score, it came down to a brilliant block by Waller to prevent their failed clearance and the ball landed at Willis’ feet to score calmly to regain momentum.

The score at half time was 2-1 which we felt isn’t enough to kill the game. After some half time words and encouragement, Fulham went back out on the pitch to make the game theirs. During this half the wind was in Fulham’s favour.

After some fair play with Fulham holding the majority of possession, the ball found it’s way high in Barnet box and after a bounce, Waller smashed the ball in the net to give us a more of a more of a breather.

The two Willis goals were rebounded from the goalkeepers hand after shots made by Lambert and Gregory. Willis dashed to the ball after the initial save to simply put the ball in the net and leave the defence dumbfounded thinking he was in an offside positiion.

Gregory goal was made by a corner delivery from Hogan which missed the players in front of Gregory. Reacting quickly at the approaching ball, he stuck his leg and attacked the ball goalwards!

The last Willis goal was delivered after a poor goal kick which Evans collected, dribbled into the box and passed the ball pass the goalkeeper for Willis to put a tap in.

The final goal was a delivery made by Lambert through to Evans who lobbed the ball over the keeper to make the result a resounding 8-1.

Despite the high score, Fulham can be pleased with their defensive work. Clearing balls, ensuring that the Barnet attacking players doesn’t see much of the ball and keeping the ball in their possession. Applause all round!

We are now through to the cup final where we are due to play against Glasgow!