FDFC Men 2010/11

1st Team

Comp Date Opponent H/A Scorers & (Man of Match) Result
SSEC ID2 04/09/10 Yourstory H Willis x 2, Monksfield x 2, Evans, Wylde, Hogan, Own goal (Moore) 8-2 W
SSEC ID2 11/09/10 Croygas Phoenix A Hogan, Lampert x 2 (Evans) 3-3 D
SSEC ID2 18/09/10 Brockham H (Hogan) 0-3 L
SSEC ID2 25/09/10 Claygate & Ditton H Willis (Evans) 1-1 D
SSEC ID2 02/10/10 Ashstead A Wylde x 5, Bovino x 2, Gregory, Willis(Wylde) 9-1 W
SSEC ID2 09/10/10 Brockham A Swift, Bovino(Gregory) 2-5 L
BDC 10/10/10 Birmingham Deaf H Hogan x 6, Willis x 4, Monksfield, Swift, Wylde(Hogan) 13-3 W
SSEC ID2 16/10/10 Cheam Village Warriors H Wylde x 2(Wylde) 2-2 D
SSEC LSC 23/10/10 South Godstone A Wylde, Lampert(Harding) (Lost penalties by 6-5) 2-2 L
EDF 24/10/10 Everton Deaf A (Lampert) 0-2 L
SSEC ID2 30/10/10 Merstham Newton A Willis, Monksfield, Wylde, Lampert(Gregory) 4-4 D
SSEC ID2 06/11/10 Merton Abbey H Hogan, Evans(Hogan) 2-5 L
SFA IC 13/11/10 St. Andrews H (Pitch unfit) P-P
SFA IC 20/11/10 St. Andrews H Willis, Swift x 2, Lampert(Willis) 4-7 L
BDC 27/11/10 St Johns Arsenal Deaf H (Frozen pitch) P-P
SSEC ID2 04/12/10 Yourstory A (Frozen pitch) P-P
SSEC ID2 11/12/10 Croygas Phoenix H Lampert x 3, Wylde x 2, Hogan x 2, Evans, Gregory, Bovino, Kemp(Lampert) 11-3 W
SSEC ID2 18/12/10 Westside A (Frozen pitch) P-P
SSEC ID2 08/01/11 Tolworth Athletic H P-P
SSEC ID2 15/01/11 Sporting Bahia H Willis x3, Hogan x 3, Swift(Hogan) 7-0 W
SSEC ID2 22/01/11 Real Holmesdale H Hogan, Willis, Swift(Sellers) 3-2 W
SSEC ID2 29/01/11 Claygate & Ditton A (Kemp) 0-0 D
SSEC ID2 05/02/11 Merton Abbey A Hogan x 3, Willis x 2(Sellers) 5-3 W
SSEC ID2 12/02/11 Tolworth Athletic A Hogan x 2, Willis(Willis) 3-0 W
BDC 16/02/11 St. John Arsenal Deaf H Monksfield, Willis, Manoochehri, Gregory(Manoochehri) 4-2 W
SSEC ID2 19/02/11 Sporting Bahia A (Waterlogged) P-P
EDP 20/02/11 Cardiff City Deaf A Willis x5, Hogan x 5, Wylde x 3, Evans x 2, Swift, Gregory(Hogan) 17-2 W
SSEC ID2 26/02/11 Ashstead H (Waterlogged) P-P
SSEC ID2 05/03/11 Westside A Willis x 2, Moore(Evans) 3-2 W
SSEC ID2 12/03/11 Cheam Village Warriors A Swift, Evans, Willis x 2, Hogan(Willis) 5-2 W
BDC S/F 26/03/11 Belfast United Deaf N (Lampert) 2-0 L
SSEC ID2 02/04/11 Real Holmesdale A Lampert, Manoochehri(Hogan) 2-2 D
SSEC ID2 09/04/11 Ashstead H Hogan x 5, Sellers x 2, Swift, Gregory(Hogan) 9-1 W
EDF Plate S/F 16/04/11 Barnet Deaf A Willis x 3, Gregory x 2, Lampert(Gregory) 6-4 W
SSEC ID2 23/04/11 Tolworth Athletic H Manoochehri x 2, Swift(Kemp) 3-2 W
SSEC ID2 25/04/11 Merstham Newton H Evans, Willis, Bovino, Swift, McLean(Harding) 5-2 W
SSEC ID2 30/04/11 Sporting Bahia A Away win was awarded W
SSEC ID2 02/05/11 Westside H Lampert, Willis(Sellers) 2-1 W
EDF Plate Final 14/05/11 Charlton Athletic N Willis x 2, Gregory x 2, Own goal(Gregory) 5-0 W
SSEC ID2 – Surrey South-Eastern Combination League Intermediate Division Two Table // VIEW


England Deaf Cup – EDC Lost to Everton Deaf in First Round by 2-0
British Deaf Cup – BDC Semi Final to Belfast City Deaf. Lost 2-0
SSEC League Senior Cup – SSEC LSC Drew to South Godstone by 2-2. Lost penalties (6-5)
Surrey FA Intermediate Cup – SFA IC Lost to St Andrews in Second Round by 7-4

2nd Team

Comp Date Opponent H/A Scorers & (Man of Match) Result
SSEC JD4 04/09/10 Old Town A (Ansell) 0-7 L
SSEC JD4 11/09/10 Croydon Greenside ‘B’ H Kenward (Kenward) 1-5 L
SSEC JD4 18/09/10 Cheam Village Warriors ‘A’ A Porter (McGreevy) 1-1 D
SSEC JD4 25/09/10 Old Plymouthians ‘A’ A (Fulham Deaf Res unable to field a team) P-P
SSEC JD4 02/10/10 Rollers Athletic H Porter x 2, Fayed(Fayed) 3-7 L
SSEC LJC 09/10/10 Destiny Academy H (Pringle) 0-9 L
SSEC JD4 16/10/10 Addington Athletic A Ryan x 2(Kenward) 2-6 L
SFA LJC 23/10/10 Barnslake H Waller, Pendley, Fayed x 2(Fayed) 4-6 L
SSEC JD4 30/10/10 Thornton Heath Rovers Reserves H Hounslow(Hounslow) 1-9 L
SSEC JD4 06/11/10 Rollers Athletic A (Kenward) 0-5 L
SSEC JD4 13/11/10 Epsom Athletic ‘B’ A Willis 1-6 L
SSEC JD4 20/11/10 Old Town H Ryan(Kenward) 1-9 L
SSEC JD4 27/11/10 Crescent Rovers ‘B’ A Ryan x 3(Ryan) 3-2 W
SSEC JD4 04/12/10 Old Plymouthians ‘A’ H (Frozen pitch) P-P
SSEC JD4 11/12/10 Croydon Greenside ‘B’ A (Unplayable pitch) P-P
SSEC JD4 18/12/10 Shirley Town Reserves H (Frozen pitch) P-P
EJS 08/01/11 Shirley Town Reserves A P-P
SSEC JD4 15/01/11 Shirley Town Reserves A (Waterlogged) P-P
EJS 22/01/11 Shirley Town Reserves A (TBC) 0-12 L
SSEC JD4 29/01/11 Shirley Town Reserves H (TBC) 0-12 L
SSEC JD4 05/02/11 Addington Athletic H Away win was awarded – A
SSEC JD4 12/02/11 Croydon Greenside ‘B’ A P-P
SSEC JD4 19/02/11 Crescent Rovers ‘B’ H (Waterlogged) P-P
SSEC JD4 26/02/11 Shirley Town Reserves A (Waterlogged) P-P
SSEC JD4 05/03/11 Cheam Village Warriors ‘A’ H McLean, Ryan(McLean) 2-3 L
SSEC JD4 12/03/11 Old Plymouthians ‘A’ H Own goal(Arnold) 1-4 L
SSEC JD4 19/03/11 Epsom Athletic ‘B’ H Ryan, Willis x 2(Hounslow) 3-2 W
SSEC JD4 26/03/11 Thornton Heath Rovers Reserves A (TBC) 0-4 L
SSEC JD4 02/04/11 Crescent Rovers ‘B’ H McLean(Hawes) 1-7 L
SSEC JD4 16/04/11 Shirley Town Reserves A Fulham Deaf Res unable to field a team P-P
SSEC JD4 30/04/11 Croydon Greenside ‘B’ A (TBC) 0-2 L
SSEC JD4 – Surrey South-Eastern Combination League Junior Division Four Table // VIEW