It’s that time of the month where everyone that’s involved in Fulham DFC is eager to see who’s won the Fantasy Football League Guv’nor of the Month by topping the points in that month only.

Before we announce the winner of October’s Guv’nor of the Month, some participants have pointed out that the drop-down menu in the Fantasy Football website, was accounting for the whole of September, instead of 16th September to 29th September as it should be as the league was started from that date in order to allow many FDFC members to join the league. So we have recalculated the September tables to allow just from the 16th to the end of September and the table below shows the points tally and who’s the manager of the month!

# Team Manager Points
1 Football coming home Neil Fox 212
2 Stubbzie’s Allstars Ben Stubbs 180
3 Cybe Ayad Sarraf 176
4 Beese’s Wonders

Nick Beese 166
= Black&White Army Christopher Kenward 166
5 Evil Minions James Loveridge 161
6 Knighton’s Warriors Ben Knighton 159
7 Moore Babes

Bryan Moore 158
8 CF Real Benevento

Alex Bovino 141
9 Koppertopper Wayne Jemmott 132
10 Crazy Gang

Ivan Stone 128
11 Follow the Trawler

Christof Niklaus 120

So this concludes the controversy surrounding the points tally on September. The September’s Guv’nor of the Month award goes to Neil Fox, many congratulations. Now onto the October’s table, to see who’s rolled up their sleeves and out thought the others to land the much lauded No.1 spot!

# Team Manager Points
1 Beese’s Wonders

Nick Beese

2 Knighton’s Warriors

Ben Knighton 178
3 Gunners Andrew Vorster

4 Black&White Army

Christopher Kenward


5 Evil Minions

James Loveridge

6 Football coming home

Neil Fox

7 Stubbzie’s Allstars

Ben Stubbs 140
8 CF Real Benevento

Alex Bovino

9 Moore Babes

Bryan Moore

10 Koppertopper Wayne Jemmott 137
11 Cybe

Ayad Sarraf

12 Pharaoh Baz’s XI

Bassim Baz

13 Follow the Trawler

Christof Niklaus

14 Crazy Gang

Ivan Stone


The club captain of the 1st Team shows the rest of the club how to manage a Fantasy Football League team by scorching up the table with a commendable 202 points in October itself. Well done Nick!